Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Not often do scholarly articles appear on modesty. This essay comes with a disclaimer, but at least approaches the subject in a thoughtful manner---MODESTY

Perhaps you aren’t a fan of satire, but for a good chuckle at the expense of both the outsourcing controversy and Charismatic prayer lines, see this today: OUTSOURCING?

And maybe you didn't know what John Stossel has to tell you about the congressional record among other examples of fraud in the House of Representatives---STOSSEL

My gut feeling (known by some as the burning in the bosom) told me this was it today.


Jeff Voegtlin said...

I love lark news! I was wondering about some of those prays people were praying with me on the hotline.

Jeff Voegtlin said...

previous comment-- I was wondering about some of those prayers

You can make those links a little more manageable by using the insert link tool or by typing ". Then type a title for the link then "" after it. Doing that makes look like You Think Too Much!

I hope all this comes out right. I don't know too much about this myself. I just know that when you put that last link in there it took your picture off the top of the page. Which, I sure, to you, was inconceivable, but it happened.

Ruth said...

Jeff, you and Pastor B are in sad shape. He for being totally "outsoursed" and you for trying to help him! GIMME A BREAK!! Pastor if you need help with your writing I am sure we can send you a list of topics. This is really a "burning bosom" article. Or maybe I have heartburn? Maybe you both should try the word verification test?

Blessings from the Hill,

Anonymous said...

Doth I percieve that your number ran out at "One hundred and ten"?
Or is this just to throw us "off the track" (no pun intended) That would be "Inconceivable"?
Ok, I'll buy into the plan? What is it?

DaCatster said...

See no wonder my husband has gotten a job yet, I was praying the old fashion way, guess I need to start talking to the Hindu doctors I work with to pray for me. (Tongue in cheek of course)

Pastor B why, tell me why are you using my picture of the leg in your post? :o)

Ruth said...

Well, Pastor B,
I came back and re-read the Modesty article. I have read a most interesting story on SherriSharingPost. Makes me know I am doing good with my style judgement. I am a firm believer in proper dress for proper occasions. No exceptions for that outside your front door. I have a great appreciation for well and properly dressed men ,woman and teens. Perhaps we should all take a good look in the mirror.

Blessings from the Hill,