Friday, April 07, 2006


In the first chapter of Ecclesiastes, Solomon illustrates vanity with the rising and setting of the sun. In Lamentations, Jeremiah sees the same event and writes, "Great is thy faithfulness." They both saw the same scene with two contradictory reactions. One has the horizontal view and the other vertical.

When I looked down at Carlos on Thursday night, I saw a peace in his face and I had a peace in my heart about him. I was sad for the family, for the people he left behind, but I was happy for him. His struggle was over. Did he take anything with him? Nothing. I looked at him and thought, "This is the bottom line. Nothing counts if you aren't ready for this." Looking at someone who has just died can give important perspective. Absent from the body, present with the Lord. Only one life, twill soon be past; only what's done for Christ will last.


Sherri Sue said...
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Jerry Bouey said...

Looking at someone who has just died can give important perspective.

That's tough sometimes - but it helps the closure. My Mom died last September, and my sister stated that when she went to prepare the makeup - kind of overwhelmed at the time and prayed for grace - then she got a look at our Mom and saw she had a noticeable smile on her face - now in the arms of Jesus!

It was hard to see my Dad a few weeks ago - so frail looking and just an empty shell - but he also is in the arms of Jesus.

It is sobering, but it makes you want to reach out to others even more! To make a difference and do your best to sow the Gospel seed so others will not face eternity (or the loss of their loved ones) without that same hope.

You might find this link a blessing. It is what I preached at my Mom's funeral - trying to share our hope as well as present the Gospel to the lost relatives. The Lord has been using it to offer hope and assurance to others.