Saturday, April 01, 2006


Well, the fat lady sang, but I'm going to have to give you the big scoop tomorrow, Lord-willing. What I can say is---Yes! It went very well. Very, very well. I'll tell you what and why tomorrow. Thanks for praying, because the message did get out. You can rest assured that the Bible does teach eternal security and that doctrine was up for the challenge. I'm also happy that this means I can start talking about eternal security in length on here, now that it's over. Again, Yes!


Bill H. said...

"Shank you" I mean Thank you.

J.C. Thibodaux said...

The Bible supports eternal security? Where did you get that idea? Revelation 22:19 alone is enough to refute such a doctrine.

Kent Brandenburg said...


Revelation 22:19 doesn't teach that one can lose his salvation.

It is not someone's name written in the book that is taken out, but his "part." You should do a study on the Greek word behind "part." Here's a question for you. Do you believe then that someone who is in the Holy City, in the New Jerusalem, can be kicked out? If you believe the one, that they can be removed from the book of life, then you must also believe that they can be ejected from Heaven once there too. Look at Revelation 22:19 again.