Friday, January 11, 2019

Word of Truth Conference: the 2018 Sermons are Online

The messages from the 2018 Word of Truth Conference are now online.  You can listen to audio on the Word of Truth Conference website, where messages all the way from the 2018 conference back through 2009 are available.  These messages constitute some fantastic preaching that would be highly edifying to the brethren in the Lord's churches, and, especially, to those either training for the ministry or in the ministry.  The video is also available on the 2018 Word of Truth Conference playlist on YouTube; I would encourage you to "like" the videos and subscribe to the Bethel Baptist YouTube channel ("BethelElSobrante"), as well as commenting on the messages (all these things both can help you identify with the truth and can contribute to YouTube ranking the videos more highly).  Bethel has also created playlists for the 2017 Word of Truth Conference, the 2016 Conference, the 2015 Conference, the 2014 Conference, the 2013 Conference, and the 2012 Word of Truth Conference.  Here again, please feel free to "like" the videos and comment on them.  You can also embed the videos elsewhere to increase their viewing audience.

I have also put a slightly revised version of the notes I employed for my message at the 2018 Conference on the tests of life and assurance of salvation in 1 John on my website, as well as embedded the link to that message.  Schools such as Ambassador Baptist College, Baptist College of Ministry, and others in fundamentalism have been influenced by the heresy of Zane Hodges that 1 John does not provide marks that distinguish the regenerate and the unregenerate, but only (allegedly) a higher class of believer from a lower class of believer, while assurance is (allegedly) unconnected to one's lifestyle.  God is highly dishonored, Satan's kingdom is advanced, many unregenerate people receive false assurance and are sent to the eternal fires of hell, and numbers of regenerate people are confused by Hodges' heresy on 1 John, and it needs to be purged out of the Lord's churches, while those who advocate it need to be confronted, and, if they do not repent, marked and avoided (Romans 16:17).  The notes from my two sessions on the role of faith in salvation (justification, sanctification, and glorification) in the 2018 Word of Truth Conference are essentially also online on my website here.

I would encourage you to attend the 2019 conference if the Rapture has not yet taken place and you are not providentially hindered.  I would also encourage you to watch the messages from the previous years; they will strengthen you spiritually--they certainly have been a blessing in that way to me--and as they are careful expositions and applications of God's Word, they will also help others you commend them to (John 17:17).



Anonymous said...


I wonder if someone could upload (perhaps here in the comments or as a supplement to this post) the direct links to each individual youtube sermon video (preferably, in order).

I'm having this problem: when I click on the link to the playlist, I get the whole list. But I wanted to download individual sermons, and I can seem to figure out how to do that directly from, and when I try to use the app called "Movie Sherlock", it tries (unsuccessfully) to download all of them. It eventually gets stuck. Thus I'm stuck.

Thank you very much!
E. T. Chapman

KJB1611 said...

On my computer if one clicks on the specific sermon in the list that one will come up, and then that specific one can be downloaded. If your computer, Bro Chapman, is not set up to directly download from YouTube, it is easy to set up; a simple websearch should show how to do it.