Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The "What Is Truth" Index Is Complete

Some of you have seen a number of posts appear that were nothing more than lists of links to posts or articles.  All of that is the completed index.  It is up to date.  I am preparing also to keep it up to date, perhaps working on it once a month or so on average.  You should be able to find things here much easier, making this blog way more useful.  I will like it more myself too.

First, as of right now every post or article is found in the general index which is at the top of the right sidebar.  It is found again lower in the sidebar on two windows that contain two aspects of the index.  You see the overall index.  Then you see that index divided up alphabetically into six sections.  There is a topical index for every five or six next letters in alphabetical order.  Then is just the scriptural index, indexing only those articles which focus primarily on a passage.  You can see it is a mainly topical blog.  That's not how I preach, but it is the nature of writing here.

The second window provides separate indices of topics I have addressed many times.  This replaces all the links to separate articles on the side.  I have many more topics than these.  For instance, for those interested, I have a whole personal section of the topics and then one with posts and articles on politics.  However, these are the theological topics for which I've done the most writing here at What Is Truth.

I've also cleaned up a lot of the mess in the right sidebar.  I've removed what I don't want and left what I do, making a shorter and more useful list there.  Doing that has motivated another project for me.  I want to accumulate a list of churches that would like to fellowship with our church, because they believe and practice just like our church does.  People could then find churches like ours all over the country to attend.  It would serve as a church directory.  We could keep adding churches and stay in touch.  People may visit your church if you are a part.

To start the church directory project, at some time soon, I'm going to remove almost every church from the present church directory and start over.  I'm going to put the ball in your court to see if you wish to be on the list.  This is not a fellowship, convention, or association, but it will be useful to mark those with certain scriptural distinctives, so that people will know where those types of churches are.  I'm asked all the time for this type of information.

I've got some other announcements I want to make in this new year as we move along.  I've got some right now though too.  One, I'm going to start writing again, probably next week.  I'll still function the same way I did, writing most Mondays and Wednesdays with Thomas Ross on Friday.  Two, our church is going to do a regular podcast and we will probably post those podcasts here at What Is Truth.  It will be a separate site that will hopefully be mobile, so you could watch or listen on your mobile device.  Three, my wife and I are likely going to Israel in 2020.  I wanted you all to know that.  We'll probably go something like 10 days.  You might want to go with us.  I'll be planning that early in this year and letting you know the details.  Perhaps you've never gone, and you'd like this to be your first.

More announcements will be forthcoming as we make our way into 2019, Lord-willing of course.

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