Saturday, January 26, 2019

Kent Brandenburg and Frank Turk Debate on the Preservation of Scripture

In April of 2008, I wrote this:
I thought you might want to know about the debate occurring at the debate blog of one of the Pyromaniacs, Frank Turk. He challenged me to a debate on the issue of the preservation of God's Word. I'm arguing for the perfect preservation of the NT in the textus receptus. He's arguing against that. We're about half way through. The format is ten questions each with no more than 1000 words for each answer. I'll leave it up to you to decide what you see occurring in the debate. Debates like this can be informative and interesting reading. I believe you'll see that the Scriptural and historic position of perfect preservation of Scripture holds up nicely under the scrutiny of others who doubt what God said He would do. The right position does more than hold up, but, again, that will be for you to decide.
There were links in the original debate.  I saved the debate in Wordperfect, my word processor, without saving the links.  I'll at least do the best I can do to present it like it originally appeared.

Since that was published at one of his blogs, then called, it no longer exists online.  It was a lot of work at the time and it's worth staying online.  This introduces the debate again, and the next post will start publishing it.  With Turk's format, I did the opening statement and could then ask a question.  He answered, and then asked a question.  It was to go back and forth like that through ten questions.

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Bill Hardecker said...

I actually did save the exchange in Word document (I figured the website or blogsite would disappear for one reason or another). I thought it would be good to store it and whittle through it.