Sunday, January 20, 2019

What's Coming Up Here?

Tomorrow I will publish my first post since November.  I will write regular posts Monday and Wednesday with Thomas Ross on his usual Friday.  The outlier here comes on late Saturdays or Sundays.  Something will be published those days on alternating weeks.  I will republish my debate with Frank Turk on the preservation of scripture.  He once had it published at his website and then eliminated his debate blog.  That debate didn't get much publicity.  If Turk had won, you would be ensured that you would have never stopped hearing about it.  It is very informative for the biblical and historical position.

On the alternating weeks, I will likely continue writing about our trip to Europe last summer.  I'm writing that essentially for my family and I, just to chronicle the trip for posterity.  We'll be able to go back and read. Some have already told me that it's helped them plan for their own trips.  I never finished that before I stopped writing and I don't want to leave it half done, if I can keep from it.

When I created the index, I saw everything I had written.  I categorized everything.  I don't think I would write any more on certain subjects.  I've covered them.  You can find my position in the index.  However, I might still write on those topics if it's in answer to what someone else has written.  In other words, every topic and passage is still admissible.  If I've covered it a lot, I won't write on it unless it's an answer to something else that I've read.

Usually here I'm going to write about what I see needs to be addressed in this world.  I'm not doing series of exposition of scripture.  That's how I preach at our church, but that isn't the purpose here.  I'll do some.  I might do more, especially if I'm not sure what to write.   The only work that I've done like that, I noticed in doing the index, was something at Jackhammer that we did for a couple of months on Colossians.  As I linked to those posts, I was happy those were available on that New Testament epistle.

I wouldn't be writing here if I didn't think it was needed.  People are going to read about subjects elsewhere on the internet.  The church is the pillar and ground of the truth.  People need the truth. This represents the teaching of our church, which is separatist, unaffiliated Baptist.  This is where people can read that.

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