Friday, September 07, 2018

Evan Roberts: Date-Setting Deception in the Translation Message, Part 14 of 22

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1.) Evan Roberts

2.) The Welsh Revival of 1904-1905

3.) Jessie Penn-Lewis

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You are also encouraged to learn more about Keswick theology and its errors, as well as the Biblical doctrine of salvation, at the soteriology page at Faithsaves.


KJB1611 said...

People who promote Evan Roberts need to at least be honest enough to tell those following them about the facts in this post.

Anonymous said...

Thomas, I hear a lot of Independent Baptists promoting the teachings of Evan Roberts, but I can't recall anybody promoting him personally. Do you know of anybody who promotes him?

As an aside, I do know of IBs who promote Watchman Nee, who perhaps isn't much better.

Mat Dvorachek

KJB1611 said...

Dear Mat,

I'm glad you don't know anyone promoting Evan Roberts personally. Generally people who teach on the 1904-5 Welsh Revival teach that he was the great leader of that revival, rather than the truth, and what many of the Baptists in Wales at the time thought, that he helped to destroy it.

Watchman Nee possibly even worse; cf:

At least Roberts professed belief in the Trinity, while Nee was a modalist.