Friday, September 11, 2020

Christian Piano Teacher Offering Internet Lessons

My wife, Heather Ross, has availability to take some new piano students. She has taught piano for many years with many students successfully using their skills for the glory of God.  When we were in Wisconsin, she was already teaching students over the Internet for students from Bethel Baptist Church in El Sobrante, CA, and Carson River Baptist Church, in Carson City, Nevada.  Please note her description (very slightly edited) of her music ministry below:

Having begun teaching lessons while still in high school, I went on to major in music and graduated with a degree in sacred music in 1999. Since earning that degree, I have accompanied for four separate vocal music CDs using original improvised piano accompaniments. I have played sacred music in church for 25 years and have a great deal of experience improvising with hymns. I have taught piano, flute, choir, and general music at Mukwongo Baptist Academy for many years.

Having earned my Masters in Education in 2014 and partnering with a local music academy between 2015 and 2018, I continue to add new skills, implement tested methodology, and discover students' individual strengths as I work to help them become the best musicians and individuals they can be. Throughout my years of teaching, I have experimented with various methods and have discarded those which have not proven to be a positive focus of energy in the lesson time. 

I believe children learn by doing and, when given clearly laid out plans and directed down a productive path, every child will be successful no matter what his / her natural ability. I invite parents to sit in on any lesson. You will find that instruction time is used efficiently; specific objectives are used to maximize instruction; students are encouraged multiple times during each lesson and individuals leave feeling encouraged to do their best as they create beautiful music with their hands and hearts.

You can read her testimony of conversion to Christ here as well.

Here are some testimonials about Heather Ross:


I have been taking lessons with Heather for almost 3 years and it has significantly improved my piano playing. I started as an adult learner and was stuck “in a groove” when I started lessons with Heather. She has helped me to learn more technical skills to play piano more efficiently and with more ease. She is extremely experienced and knowledgeable, so if you’re looking for the best, look no further. I have recommended her to my niece, sister-in-law, and mother-in-law. If you are looking for classical and/or hymns piano teacher, Heather is an excellent choice.


Heather is a very patient and encouraging teacher who seeks to bring out the best in your child. She is always finding ways to better herself as a teacher and to help your child reach their full potential. My child was challenged through her teaching and made great progress. Highly recommend her.


Heather teaches my daughter via Google Hangouts. It always amazes me the technicality she can see over the internet. She knows if my daughter is tense, bending her knuckle wrong or doesn’t have her fingers on the right part of the keys. Heather is a patient and talented teacher and we are grateful to have her at our disposal.


Her solid musical training and education, coupled with her years of experience have proven to be a great help for numerous piano students. Heather Is well capable of helping students of all different levels in their musical skills.


I have received help from Heather for specific pieces that are “beyond me” and she has always been able to communicate the best way to learn the piece. I have also observed her teaching young piano students and have been impressed with her ability to help each student improve and strive for their very best!

A Former Student

I really enjoyed taking lessons from Heather. She provided many fun incentives to reward practicing and help me reach goals. I appreciated that before she pointed out something I needed to correct that week, she first gave positive words about what I had accomplished that week in my practicing. I also appreciated her emphasis on theory--(learning chords, cadences, scales, arpeggios), playing by ear, and improvising. She provided me with a great classical foundation and helped me develop into an advanced pianist before entering college and furthering my pianistic development.


If you are looking for a teacher who cares about her students and wants there best, Heather is a wonderful option! She is very experienced, knowledge, and a phenomenal piano player! I had several piano teachers as a little girl, but I had the privilege of taking piano lessons from Heather during my high school years. None of my prior teachers developed me in piano at the rate that Heather did. She knows how to motivate students to not just “get by” but encourages them to achieve their best. Definitely recommend her!


My son has been taking piano lessons from Heather for several years now. I am so pleased with how much I have seen him progress in his skill as a result of her teaching. She challenges and encourages him to do his best and master each new piece. I also like how she takes the time to plan recitals at local senior living facilities so that her students can learn to use their talents to be a blessing an encouragement to others. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a quality piano teacher who will really invest the time into your child to see him or her become a the best piano player that they can be!


Heather is a very dedicated, loving, and experienced teacher. I know I learned so much through her piano teaching. She doesn't simply teach for a pay check, but to see each of her students fully developed in piano And all other areas of life!!

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