Thursday, June 04, 2020

The Nation Was Hacked

The post analysis of the coronavirus pandemic might and will likely show gross incompetence mainly from leftist mayors and governors in the United States with a corollary influence on everyone else because of the politics and fear. Everyone needs to be prepared for the cover up, massive number of lies.  I'm just predicting here.  The government didn't know what it was doing.  Other countries, like Sweden and South Korea, did the opposite and succeeded.  This was of the nature of the Russian collusion fraud.  Most of the country is duped and scammed by its most foolish.  The whole nation was hacked.

It was almost impossible for the sensible and right thinking to counter the insanity.  There is so much crazy, an consequence of rampant false beliefs and behavior, the reprobate mind, that a sufficient opposition could not be raised.  The millennials and their immersion in and subjugation to social media, putting up their own barriers or boundaries against wisdom, helped spread foolishness like a virus.  Many of them right now are using the down time to sit in the streets and block roads, if not promoting other dangerous and unrighteous causes, without a clue about the  meaning of life or what they are even talking about.

At the worst, people wanted to destroy the United States or at least inflict great harm for political gain.  I'm not sure if that theory is true.  I think mainly it is people who are fearful and incompetent.  It spread to every part of government.  I'm not saying there was zero threat from the virus.  It could have been handled differently, but there is also so much division in the country, completely disparate worldviews, that the country couldn't move in a smart, cohesive way.  I still believe it is a bow shot by God on the country, one that isn't being seen or heard though, as seen in the acceptance of these riots and the desire to believe the notion of systemic racism in the police force, resulting in the undermining of law and further and exponential lawlessness.  George Floyd's death, an unjust one, is an outlier, and now more people will die overall from the effects of it.


Anonymous said...

A lie can travel very quickly. We've seen that many times now at the point where we started picking up the pieces after the latest self manufactured crisis. In this case, many of the deaths were due to comorbidities as the video you posted mentioned, Enough said.

So at some point it becomes important for us to realize where these crises are really originating. Because they are real. In other words, did the crisis really originate with the virus or was that simply the vehicle used for spreading a narrative for someone's purpose who happens to control what the traditional media (news agencies like AP, television, print) reports and what it doesn't report, because somebody wanted to make a crisis. We can see that the effects of this were indeed widespread, but was that simply due to the exaggerated influence of our media reporting? Are people even abroad too trusting of the mainstream news agencies and so they fell into it?

We are beginning to see now that the first order effects of this lay in how each locality reacted, whether they went full lockdown or not. Sweden and some others provide useful controls in our data, though it remains to be seen whether the results will also be warped and exaggerated to fit a certain narrative just as the initial information about the virus was. In the bigger picture, the question should be asked, is what we are witnessing primarily the result of genuine crises and problems emerging, or is the true source in the fact that so many have fallen under the sway of the big media, that, like Loew's golem they are programmed (for political or financial gain) to behave a certain way under certain stimuli over cable news? Are the "real stories" in the news being monopolized by a few trendsetters, with countercurrents that don't fit the desired narrative suppressed, in other words?

Kent Brandenburg said...

Thanks Anonymous.

A wise decision making takes in a multitude of factors and weighs all of them. Hype, fear, a corrupt agenda, and depravity combined to ignore key factors for a wise decision.