Friday, December 02, 2016

The Testimony of the Quran to the Bible in Arabic

If you do not already have the pamphlet The Testimony of the Quran to the Bible available for members of your church, I would commend it to you as an effective resource designed to tear down the spiritual strongholds Muslims have from turning to Jesus Christ.  Today, the vast majority of Muslim apologists argue that the Bible has been corrupted.  This work demonstrates:

1.) The Quran teaches that the Bible has not been corrupted (a fact also demonstrated by overwhelming Biblical and historical evidence).
2.) Therefore, if the Quran is true, the Bible must also be true.
3.) Since the Bible is true, but it contradicts the Quran, the Quran cannot be true.

It also very plainly preaches the gospel and points out other problems with the Islamic religion.  It contains all the information a Muslim needs to know in order to understand the gospel, repent, and turn in faith to Jesus Christ and to the Triune God through Him.

Oftentimes one can hear Christian people on the radio and in other settings simply pointing out that Islam is evil and that sharia is incompatible with our constitutional republic.  This is, of course, true, but getting all the Christians who listen to the radio worked up about this while not encouraging them to go out and preach the gospel to the Muslims in their communities is misguided.

I am also pleased to announce that the Testimony of the Quran to the Bible has now been translated into Arabic for use in evangelizing Muslims from Arabic-speaking lands who do not speak English well.  It is online here:

and here:

I would encourage you to acquire copies of this work as well for use in your church. At the page, you can download and personalize both compositions with the address, phone number, and website of your Baptist church.

Also, I did pay the skilled translator of the work into Arabic a significant amount to make the Arabic translation.  If you wish to help with that cost, please feel free to either send a check to my church address here and specify what the check is for or use the PayPal button at the bottom of the page here.  However, please, by all means, use the pamphlet in your church even if you are either not able to or do not believe you should assist with the translation cost.  I want it to be used in evangelizing Muslims--that is the important thing, not the cost in having it translated.

Finally, if your church has either stories about effective evangelistic encounters with Muslims that you would like to share, or other literature that you have found of value for them, please feel free to share that information in the comment section below.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this work. I greatly appreciate your attempts to reach out to those deceived by Islam instead of just joining the voices of those who are more focused on protecting "American Constitutionalism."

I may not agree with everything you say, but greatly appreciate your focus on evangelizing and discipling instead of demonizing those you disagree with.

Anonymous poster who is preparing to go to a hostile Communist country as a missionary.

P.S. If I come across any materials for Muslims (or any other hard to reach group) that I can post links to electronically, I will post them to this comment section.

Kent Brandenburg said...


I recently (in the last few weeks) had a conversation with a Moslem from Afghanistan and this was something she had difficulty dealing with. In the end, she did not see herself as enough of an expert at dealing with the issue, so that she would study it on her own. She did the equivalent of putting her head in the sand, but you could tell she was shook up.

What I'm saying is a good thing. Being shook up means perhaps visiting this thought that the Bible is true and it contradicts the Quran.

KJB1611 said...

Dear Pastor Brandenburg,

I'm glad to hear that - it is a blessing. Over here the most recent copy that was given out in Arabic was to a student from Saudi Arabia who is studying at the local secular college, who can speak English, but who understands spiritual things better in Arabic.

Dear Anonymous,


By the way, I really want our constitutional republic to continue, and think that it will be helped the most by me if I do a lot of careful preaching to the Muslims that are here rather than just telling all the Christians that already know that Islam is bad that they are right while we sit around and listen to talk radio and refrain from preaching to anybody.

Kent Brandenburg said...

I think it is tremendous that Thomas did the work and then followed through to get it into Arabic. People should be celebrating this.

A James White will say that he does the real work of apologetics, because he's in debates. When I hear him say that, I'm thinking, what about evangelism of Moslems? Isn't that the point? I'm not against his debates against Moslem scholars, but he shouldn't disrespect the regular evangelism, which is doing apologetic work, with Moslems out there in the street.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the resource. I regularly talk to moslems out on the street while evangelizing. A number of times already I have opened up Is53:5-6 with them, asking them to read these two verses. Then I will follow up with the question: "Who is this referring to?" every single time (about 5 occasions now), the response is: "That is Jesus". It has been a great starting point for further witnessing. Two weeks ago I talked to a man who had come to Canada from Iran three months prior. we had this conversation and he left with an English John&Romans.

Hem Smeding
Edmonton, Alberta

KJB1611 said...

Dear Mr. Smeding,

Thanks for the comment – useful idea.