Friday, December 16, 2016

A Review of the Dan Barker - Thomas Ross debate, "The Old Testament is Mainly Fiction, not Fact"

I now have a written review of the "The Old Testament is Mainly Fiction, not Fact" debate live on my website (click here).  The nature of a debate is such that one can more quickly make allegations than the other party can refute them, and so there were numbers of (totally false) accusations Mr. Barker made against the Old Testament that are refuted in the written analysis. Indeed, the debate review constitutes a conclusive refutation of Old Testament mythicism, the position advocated by Dan Barker during the debate that the Old Testament was copied from a variety of pagan myths.  Mr. Barker's either exclusive or almost exclusive source for this unscholarly fantasy, Dorothy Milne Murdock's Did Moses Exist? The Myth of the Israelite Lawgiver, is also extensively reviewed and conclusively refuted.  I would commend the written analysis of the debate to you if you ever engage in discussions with the unconverted concerning the historicity of the Old Testament (I hope you evangelize enough so that this takes place), or if you simply wish to grow in your knowledge of the first 75% of God's holy and infallible Word.


Unknown said...

George Carlin is more funny than Barker, but no different. The debate boosted my faith !

KJB1611 said...

By the way, I would highly suggest reading the PDF file of the debate review linked to above. It is much easier to read than the simple text on the web page for quotations that are indented, etc. Also, please note that there are still things to be fixed up with the review, as it is not yet complete (but at a stage where I think it is publishable), so please pardon spelling mistakes, etc. that are not yet fixed (but should be, Lord willing, in the relatively near future).

Thank you.