Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Faith the Only Reliable Epistemology: It's Got to Be Faith, pt. 2

Part One

My sins are forgiven, continue to be forgiven, and will be forgiven through all eternity.  I know that by faith.  Nothing is more important to me or anyone else than this forgiveness.  Knowing it is vital.  I can't see the forgiveness I possess, but faith is superior to sight (2 Cor 5:7).  If I step off a cliff, I will go over and down.  I can say I know that, but it isn't less than I know that my sins are forgiven.  God says my sins are forgiven.  I know they are.

Faith is the threshold through which knowledge comes:  knowledge of God, of salvation, of righteousness, of understanding everything else.  Colossians 2:3 says that "in [Christ] are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge."  The whole history of mankind is understood by faith.  How we got there and continue being here is known by faith.  The future is apprehended by faith.  All spiritual matters, which are most important, are recognized by faith.  We understand the purpose of everything by faith.  We know what to do by faith.  How families work is known by faith.  Whether we've done wrong is discerned by faith.  I can keep going.

What comes through faith is pure because faith itself is pure and what comes through faith is pure.  Faith is a gift.  I mentioned that in part one.  The faith by which we access or obtain the knowledge is the "faith of Jesus."  The New Testament certainly teaches "faith in Christ," but it also teaches "faith of Jesus," what Jesus calls "my faith" (Rev 2:13, 4:12), a genitive of possession.  Since it is his, we do not get it except from Him.  The knowledge of God comes by divine origination and the pathway it takes is faith. You don't get it except by faith.  And faith itself is divine, so it is pure.  Sight comes with impurity.  Actual faith doesn't.

Jesus in Luke 11:52 talks about the Pharisees taking away "the key of knowledge."  Faith in Jesus Christ or faith of Jesus Christ is the key of knowledge.  One could say Jesus opens up the door to all knowledge, like He did for the Apostle Paul, but that occurs by faith.

Someone has said, "What you see is what you get."  It's not true.  You don't know always what you are getting from what you see.  What you see isn't necessarily what you think it is.  You can be fooled, and what it is that you see is itself a lie.

Many doctrines of scripture now through the centuries have been challenged by man's observations, his sight.  Man sees something that he then thinks contradicts a teaching of the Bible.  He considers his sight to be superior to the doctrine, because it is "evidence."  He thinks evidence is how someone obtains knowledge and evidence by definition is something he can touch or observe.

At one time, men considered faith superior to observation.  They got truth, goodness, and beauty from God.  The founding fathers of the United States were from this era and they had the notion that men were endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights.  Think of that!  Too bad, I guess, that they didn't come from a later period where that could be debunked by humanists.

I come to a couple of areas of application (next time).


Unknown said...

First time I've seen put together like you just did. Many people seek after knowledge, but they should be increasing their is limitless, so is knowledge but knowledge doesn't have very good ,what I will call filters. Knowledge can be misused or turned into evil.knowledge by itself is essentially useless unless it has the object of expierence.
Hey Kent, do you have. A nickname for this blog? Also how the beginning verses of Icorinthins13 fit into what you are writing about. Thanks ,kuha.

Kent Brandenburg said...

Thanks Craig.

What Is Truth is the blog name.

As far as how 1 Cor 13 might apply to this subject, without love, what we do is nothing, and since love is of God, which relates to faith, someone's life is nothing without faith.

Unknown said...

Faith is one of the fruits of the spirit. The people that influenced me the most were people who showed me there faith. People that listened to me, gave to me, and loved me.
I agree forgiveness is vital and knowing it is to.
What is the driver behind faith? I know its important to make faith a personal factor in your life, but do Christians make it to personal and not live it out? Alot of people have faith , but not many live it out. At least I don't very well.
Faith, what is it? You know what it is and so do I. Deep down inside you say I know what it is and i have it right here inside of me, ill even prove it to you.
I've known people that had blind faith, steadfast faith , healing faith, loving faith, bold faith , walking and unshakable faith.
Maybe we don't know as much about faith as we think we do. To me faith isn't a noun or a verb or a conjunction. Jesus said if we had faith as a grain of mustard seed we could move mountains. Now that is some kind of faith!
Faith is pure , I agree. Pure thoughts for the pure heart. Pure obedience for the obedient. Pure peace for the peacemakers.
If I were the President of the Faith factory people would be coming from afar to hear me speak. Instead , I am just a poor stranger stuck here feeling sorry for myself that im not sure how to increase my faith a little. Just a little.
Now I believe , I have faith , I really do , but help me Lord with my unbelief.
Someday I will see. I can't see now but someday I will see .