Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Global Warming

Skeptics get upset because believers get to have it both ways---if things go wrong, they were trials, and if things go right, they were blessings. Either way all things work together for good. We understand this by faith in God's purpose to conform us to the image of His Son. Well, I get upset when pantheists get to have it both ways. Global warming results in blizzards in Europe. If the weather were unseasonably warm there, that would be global warming too. Cold, global warming, warm, global warming. No matter what the temperature, it was caused by global warming. I think all of us have a right to treat that kind of flip-flopping with skepticism.

This reminds me of all of the world's so-called science. Darwin debunked due to monstrous gaps in the fossil record. OK, then let's look at microscopic bacteria and watch how they alter themselves to adjust to immunity. Look, see, evolution! But they're still bacteria! They haven't evolved. Not unless you change the definition of evolution. Oh, that's right, they did. All of this starts with rebellion against God, worshiping the creature rather than the Creator, and then moves downill from there. We should all be glad that Judge Jones didn't allow intelligent design in Pennsylvania. The evidence of design would destroy faith. Oh really? They also redefine faith. Faith is substance and evidence (Heb. 11:1), not a leap in the dark. God provides evidence for faith. He doesn't give evidence for everything He said He did and will do, but enough for us to believe.

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