Thursday, November 01, 2018

A Fascinating Jordan Peterson Interview and a Genius Account of Media Insanity

Here is the Jordan Peterson interview by a feminist for British GQ:

People should see this and let it affect their view of certain media, essentially the mainstream.


Bill Hardecker said...

Don't know who Peterson is but at about 16.55 he starts grilling Helen and seemingly reverses the roles...quite amusing.

Kent Brandenburg said...


I have an anonymous guy. I've printed about 25 percent of his comments, and if it is the same person, he is very angry for the bottom video, especially, and thinks it ruins evangelical credibility. I'd love to debate a guy like him, because he doesn't understand the Bible and American government.

Regarding Peterson, this is why he is popular now, because of these situations where he can eat someone up like her, instead of capitulate.

Bill Hardecker said...

I got to around 1:08:47 - - "I could replace you with someone else who thinks that way, and that means you're not here" - - oh, wow, this guy is funny. How do you say that to someone who has already spent and hour interviewing you. He did though, and he is right. HA! I should've prepared some popcorn for this one.


Christians lose credibility when they promote Mr. Trump as an “alpha male”.

Bill Hardecker said...

Finished the interview.
Good: He knows a lot and refuses to give in. Refutes her with competence.
Bad: At times he would take the Lord's name in vain. Also, he said he only acts as though God is real; he didn't explicity say that there is a god.

Don Johnson said...

Peterson is not a Christian, as far as I know. He is a Canadian psychology professor who is taking on the established political correctness. Basically a modernist, I would say. Sort of an old school common sense kind of guy.

Don Johnson
Jer 33.3

Kent Brandenburg said...


I've critiqued Peterson in a negative way here, but I think he's doing for philosophy what Trump has done for government. In my previous articles, I said that he was a liberal, in essence a modernist, and I understand modernism believed there was a standard. And he treats the Bible like a modernist. He won't take it literally. However, in many ways he is on our side, like Trump is, related to being able even to have a say.

He's also dangerous though for several reasons, like a Trojan Horse for liberalism.

Bill Hardecker said...

"Roving bands of tyrannical plumbers forcing you to make that choice" - made me smile, big.