Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Trump Win

I say, Praise the Lord.  It's what I think.  We've been given something here.  We will have, it seems a Republican House, Senate, and White House.  Wow.  It was against great opposition, opposition I felt here, right here, from people.  You can be happy we don't have Hillary.  It's OK.  Be happy.  I'm very happy for a number of reasons.  One of the greatest is that my son is in the U.S. military and she won't be his commander-in-chief.  I'm so happy about that for him.

This is the biggest political win in my lifetime.  I watched Steve Schmidt on RCP, the Morning Joe program, and he said it was 95% Clinton one day before, and he said it with a level of condescension and pompousness that's hard to describe.  Someone like him should not be respected again as a political leader or pundit.  He pandered to that group and he lost.  He himself is a loser.  He should go away to a different profession.  He ran Republican campaigns and he said it with glee on his face, like a complete know it all.  People weren't disagreeing.  He lost.  He should eat the biggest humble pie of all time.  I do want to hear it from any of them.  They. were.  all.  wrong.

George W. Bush did not vote for the Republican candidate.  The governor of Ohio, Kasich, what a repudiation of him in his own state.  These are people that I don't believe thought this was coming. They were bold, I'm quite sure, with the thought that Trump wasn't going to win.  All those Anti-Trump -- Erick Erickson, William Kristol, Jeb Bush, Glenn Beck, and others -- should pay for this disloyalty.  Some of them signed the pledge.  Maybe Trump will reach out to them (he did), but they should humble themselves.  That's the way it should go.  Or perhaps, while everything is going really well, they could admit they were wrong.

People were saying Trump was going to lose, and saying that he would lose against someone easy to win against, worst candidate ever.  That's easy to say. She won the democratic nomination with a very big machine.  She was popular with Democrats and they wanted her over Bernie Sanders.

Trump won.

We really don't know if someone would have won easier.  We don't know.  Trump fought back like I've never seen in a candidate.  He had more against him than anyone and he deserves credit for fighting.  He was very alone. He had very few surrogates.  Rudy Guliani.  Chris Christie.  Mike Huckabee.  Ben Carson.  Newt Gingrich.  He got Mike Pence above all, who won the vice presidential debate in a big way.  He had really strange surrogates, like Bobby Knight.  Almost everyone else ran away from him. It really was his family and a bunch of regular people, and they won.

It's interesting to see people throw the Clintons under the bus now.  Now.  But they own the Clintons. Own them.  They are yours. The Obamas own the Clintons.  All those pundits own the Clintons.  Enjoy the Clintons, you.  You Sunday show people.  You Republicans, establishment, Colin Powell, you guys, embrace your people.  They are yours.  You must let the Clintons drip down your chin, like a Richard Nixon, worse.  She, they, are yours.  Own them.

If you read here, I've stuck my neck out for Trump.  I got a lot of very angry and heated opposition. When or if, but I'm saying when, we get the Supreme Court justice, the one we want, we will be in charge there.  It wasn't because of you, Anti-Trump.  When you get it too, that justice, I hope you're happy, because it wasn't because of you.  I'm interested in the various spins now.  We're already seeing them.

This election is surely a repudiation of the Clintons and the last eight years.  I guess all those celebrities didn't work.  Wall Street didn't work.  The media didn't win it:  NY Times, Washington Post, even Wall Street Journal, CBS, NBC, ABC -- all losers to the people.  The people said, no, to you.  Let that sink in.  It was the worst ever against a candidate, against Trump, and the American people stood up to them as a whole.  It wasn't the Republican establishment. They failed.  Trump actually brought them through, when they wouldn't do it.  You've got to say that now.  People are sick of it.  I was sick of it.

I recognize that Trump isn't the solution.  I wrote that.  It is still the gospel.  It is still the true church. We can't rest.  We should understand that we've been given some time, some time of peace, some time to work hard in the field.  Trump isn't the solution.  I say it again.  It's time to get to work, doing the work of the Lord -- preaching and praying.


Anonymous said...

"We should understand that we've been given some time, some time of peace, some time to work hard in the field. Trump isn't the solution. I say it again. It's time to get to work, doing the work of the Lord -- preaching and praying. "

Well said. A reprieve. Occupy till he comes. Preach instant in season and out of season.

The Preacher

d4v34x said...

Well, you got your Philistine. I hope you circle back after a year, two years, for years, and document how well he did in justifying your reasons for voting for him.

Kent Brandenburg said...

Thanks, The Preacher.

Kent Brandenburg said...


I don't think it's good to be unhappy that Hillary Clinton isn't in office.

I don't think it's good to be unhappy that you will get a conservative Supreme Court justice.

I don't think it's good to be unhappy that Trump actually dragged the party along to something we've seen for only 2 years in my lifetime. 2. Republican house, senate, and white house.

I feel bad that you can't be happy for what we have versus what we could have had.

I would have had joy either way, but I'm happy Trump won. It was a repudiation of the Hollywood elites, the liberal media, the state institutions. You know it. He wasn't picked because of his immorality. You know that too.

Kent Brandenburg said...

Hello Everyone,

I don't know what sanctimonious Republicans will do now. Will Trump need to be a liar for them to be happy now? If he tries to follow through on everything he said: school choice, overturn Obamacare, conservative Supreme Court justice, etc. -- will they be sad if he succeeds?

I just read someone, a conservative, who says his great joy would be to see Trump impeached his first day. This is a guy that ran on Pro-Life. Ran on it. Planned Parenthood sat in Hillary's box.

Wow. Get some perspective people.

You are righteous. You are righteous. You are righteous. There we go. You hate Trump. He's unrighteous. You are righteous. There. Now be free to be happy.

Kent Brandenburg said...

One more thing,

The same people would be saying right now that anyone could beat Hillary except Trump. He beat her. At least admit the truth. That would be righteous. The only guy that couldn't beat her, did beat her. That strawman went down in flames. At least admit it.

d4v34x said...

Almost everyone was wrong about Trump's ability to beat Clinton. I can admit that. I have joy today; I'm also sad. I will be happy if Trump keeps his word about working toward some outcomes that conservatives would like to see. I don't have a lot of hope that he will. And I think he's going to do a lot of damage in other arenas as well.

Anonymous said...

I did not vote but I'm relieved Trump won. The one you voted for won. Congratulations! It will be wonderful if he justifies your vote by following through. Your confidence that he will, coupled with an, in my view, unwarranted downgrading of the character question logically necessitated your vote for him. Not sharing your confidence I couldn't do it. Although.....the opportunity to repudiate the creeps behind her was tempting. The obnoxious smart money bent on destroying us put alot into destroying him and failed. That must be gratifying!

Anonymous said...

I did not intend to comment anonymously. I apologize.


Unknown said...

I agree with your assessment. I believe the nevertrump attitude is hypocritical. It is preference for personalty over policy. His main platform is good. Very good.

Something seems off with the self-righteous piety coming from evangelicals who use the character argument against Trump. Everything you listed in your posts are reasonable for people wanting to live a life in peace with their government. Why can someone rationalize a vote for Morman-Romney but cannot afford the same reasoning for a crass Trump? What's the weightier issue there? Frankly there's a part of me that would feel much more at ease in the presence of Trump that a self-righteous evangelical

I do not condone his behavior. But here is a perspective on his personality:
1. What you see is what you get. He hasn't overtly lied like Hillary Clinton. He's edgy and crass at times and something I would not espouse to be, but in the Scriptures Christ had time to extend His love and grace to someone that was willing to be honest and admit their faults see themselves as He sees them. Christ repudiated the religious pharisees for their false piety because they needed no physician.
2. Masculinity. There is a natural attraction to him coming from men (showed in the polls). He has this John Wayne swagger that he is a fighter. In this postmodern world where effeminate males are praised in our society I find it interesting that there is a draw towards way God created men. Don't read too much in this...I understand there is more to biblical masculinity than what I stated.
3. Preference for Christian values. a) This is very interesting that even a man like Trump hates the political correctness against Christian values. Many times during the primaries he stated that we would say "Merry Christmas again". He wasn't stating a new policy he was voicing a frustration that many in the country feel that our traditions and free speech were being stripped. b) He is pro-life. c) His Supreme court nominees. d) He choose a professed Christian as a running mate.

Those are not dogmatic arguments, but they are offered as a perspective that is not coming from the nevertrumpers

Farmer Brown said...

Hearing from some conservatives, I almost think they are upset that Trump won. That is really odd to me. Why is this? Is it pride? Perhaps they have been so vociferous in their opposition, particularly that anyone else could have beaten Hillary, that now they are too vested to admit they are wrong?

Whatever it is, it is perverse and self-destructive. Do they want the end to come sooner? Do they really want Hillary over Trump? Why? I think they do, but why?

The day before the election, Bret Stephens of the Wall Street Journal wrote one last column railing against Trump. He has lied, deceived, and shrieked for the past 6 months. This is a supposed conservative. What is the goal? To discourage votes for Trump? It is perverse. I really am baffled.

D4 ought to be so happy today that we do not have Hillary. Trump is so much less than ideal, but so much better than Hillary. He ought to be thanking God we don't have that monster as a leader, but I really think he would have been happier if Trump lost. Maybe I am misreading his comments. Why would you feel this way? It is twisted.

Brendon D. said...

Hi Kent

Congratulations from Down Under. I'm happy for what this means not just for America, but for the rest of the world. I appreciate the stand you took, and your calm, logical reasoning in support of a Trump vote, in contrast to the hysteria of his 'conservative' opponents. I think you deserve to indulge in a substantial amount of Schadenfreude for a while.

The Australian media was almost universally anti-Trump, and now they are in complete melt-down. It's great. I believe this result will further fuel the shift to the Right that is being seen in Western nations. A survey in August showed that 49% of Australians supported a ban on Muslim immigration. However, the Left has so comprehensively captured the institutions of academia, media, and political class, that anyone who takes a contrary position is crushed by ridicule, humiliation, litigation, or whatever means they can. This is what is so astounding about Trump. They threw everything they had at him, and he smashed them.

The only downside I can see from this is all your devastated liberals who are threatening to emigrate to Australia to flee President Trump. We don't want America's refuse here!


d4v34x said...

Farmer Brown,

We do have a monster for our president elect. Just of a different sort.

Anonymous said...

and greetings from up North,

We are rejoicing with you! Send all them losers up here and we will take them to the Far North where they will wish for some global warming Meanwhile, may we redeem the time and use this opportunity to continue to preach the gospel.

Hem Smeding
Alberta, Canada

Kent Brandenburg said...

About Protesters,

Why are they protesting? Where is the acceptance of the loss the media called for Trump?

The way you protest in the United States is by voting. Vote. Once you voted, then you have to persuade people. Throwing a fit and acting sanctimonious will not persuade. You will lose more in the future. This election isn't being validated by the losers. You lost.

d4v34x said...

Let the record show that Kent equates negative judgement re: Trump as moral actor with rioting in the streets.

You might find a safer space on the internet, Bro.

But I won't apologize for labeling someone given to greed, misogyny, hedonism, decadence, mendacity, pride, arrogance, vengeance, petulance, self-interest, who heeds no morals beyond what is right in his own eyes a monster simply because he pays lip-service to a few conservative touchstones.

And you realize Morgan doesn't defend Trump as a conservative, or thinker, or even as a human being. He just says Trump played the game better. I agree. Trump plays his games quite well.

Jon Gleason said...

Sorry, Kent, I don't get this.

I'm happy Hillary lost, and I'm happy the media was repudiated.

But it is not good for a nation to elect a man like Trump to its highest office. Yes, it is less bad than the alternative. Yes, I believe sound theological thinking would drive a person to one way of voting in this election, and that would be to vote to repudiate the current administration (and the country is currently run by the media and the Democrats -- and enough lap-dog Republicans to enable them). Yes, I know that Hillary was a committed opponent of religious liberty and that this probably means a reprieve. It is the least bad result that could feasibly be expected.

But it is still a bad thing to endorse a man of this kind of character, who campaigned the way he did at times, who behaves and speaks the way he does, a serial adulterer who says he has nothing to repent.

Yes, I know the Democrats, who fought tooth and nail to keep Clinton in the White House are the rankest hypocrites to accuse Trump over morality. Yes, I know their hypocrisy deserves to be completely repudiated. That doesn't mean I feel glad that the repudiation came at the price of endorsing someone even more blatant than Bill Clinton was.

I can't see much cause for rejoicing in this. I can and do rejoice that our Lord said His kingdom is not of this world, and I pray that Christians will remember it and actually live it, and not put their trust in princes or SCOTUS unjust justices.

Anonymous said...

"When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn." (Proverbs 29:2)

I think this verse, perhaps, gives us some guidance on what our response ought to be concerning our President-elect.

-Mat Dvorachek

Farmer Brown said...

Two men are lost in death valley. They stumble around, delirious, suffering, not knowing if they will survive the ordeal. They find themselves in a canyon, and as they approach the end of the canyon, they know at the end they will either find water, or endless miles of desert. They don't know which it will be, they can only pray this path will end in some relief.

Gasping, they stumble out of the canyon, and see a desert oasis and a pool of water. It is muddy and shallow, not something anyone would really want to drink, but given the choice between that or dying of thirst, the muddy water seems to be a wonderful gift.

One of the men runs forward, thanking God for even this small relief. He falls down and drinks deeply. The taste is chalky, the pool smells like gym socks, and he knows he is far from out of the desert, but nevertheless he is immensely grateful to the Lord for his mercy.

The other man stands back with his nose wrinkled. "Why are you drinking that? I only drink San Pellegrino, or if I am slumming, maybe Perrier. That smells. It looks dirty. I want better water. I want more pure water. I want deeper water. I want a clean cup. I want ice. I want a straw. I really wanted root beer anyway."

He continues with his critique. "Why are you so exited about that muddy water. Just wait, in another 5 miles it's probably going to give you cramps. That water probably has a parasite that could make you sick in the next couple weeks. We never should have been in that canyon anyway. I think there was a better canyon that led to perfectly pure water. I want to go back to that canyon. I want to not be in the desert. I want a slushie. I want to be out of the desert. I want to be in a swimming pool.

How can you be happy? I guess this means you love dirty water because you are happy about finding this oasis. This means you prefer dirty water to clean water. This means you support adding dirt to clean water. The Lord created pure water. He said it was very good. You are against what the Lord created."

The other man gratefully continues to drink.

Kent Brandenburg said...


I took out the comments that directed people to how people react to Trump winning in a reprobate way. I'll assume you all know what I'm talking about even though you act like you don't.

Kent Brandenburg said...

We're in the midst of our Word of Truth Conference, but I might write one more, only one, that will explain my point of view here. I really have a hard time with the other point of view though. It's not different than what I've written. God uses certain tools and people rejoice. It isn't rejoicing in all that the tool is, but that God uses a tool. I don't understand not being happy and relieved.

Kent Brandenburg said...

Farmer Brown,

Nice Story.

Joe A. said...


I have registered my dislike for Trump here and you have disagreed. Moving forward, I will pray for him and hope I am wrong about him. If so, I will gladly admit it. If he does turn out to be the liberal I believe he is, it is my hope that you, along with people like Michael Creed, and Dobson, and Jeffress, and MacArthur will admit it rather than poo pooing, covering and obfuscating. Thanks.

Anonymous said...


You write: "Let the record show that Kent equates negative judgement re: Trump as moral actor with rioting in the streets."

How does the record show any such thing? Why would you say that after such careful reasoning?

Kenneth O'Malley