Monday, November 07, 2016

Final 2016 Presidential Argument -- Anti-Anti Trump, pt. 2

Part One

Trump hasn't lived the Christian worldview.  He hasn't behaved like a Christian.  He couldn't be a member of my church unless he repented and believed.  I would expect him to denounce a lot of what he's said and done.

When someone, like me, says he will vote for Trump based on worldview, I'm talking about espousing or siding with a view that is much closer to the Bible than Hillary.  I'm also saying that I have a better opportunity to live a peaceable life in obedience to God under Trump.  What am I saying?

Trump has supported pro-life.
Trump has given his list of conservative Supreme Court justices.
Trump will enforce the laws of the United States and in particular the immigration laws.
Trump will stand for religious liberty.  I foresee the right to obey the Bible with him.
Trump will reward work by lowering taxes and eliminating a lot of harmful regulation.
Trump has stood up for school choice.  He says it in his speeches.
Trump has said again and again, he's doing away with government healthcare.
Trump is pro second amendment.
Trump stands against Islamic terrorism.

I can keep going, but those are enough for me. Hillary won't do any of those.  She'll do just the opposite.  If you vote for anyone but Trump, you are supporting Hillary.  You'll say you're not, but you are.  If you could vote, and you don't vote for him, then you are supporting her.  As far as I'm concerned, whatever you say, you want her.  Whatever she brings with her, you wanted it.  Whatever bad comes, you are in part responsible for it.  You know it too.  You can say that America's under judgment anyway, but whatever we face because of her, you'll be responsible for it.  There are many of you.  You are an accomplice to her crimes, because you put her in.  You stood by while she took power.

Trump isn't moral, but he will allow for morality.  He won't be against the moral person.   He will support morality when someone wants to live it.  I don't see Trump using the military for social experimentation.  He's not going to be pushing homosexuals and women on the military.  If you are a pastor, and you say homosexuality is a sin, Trump will support your liberty to do that.  Trump is for law enforcement.  Maybe you don't know how bad it is out there.  The police are threatened and mistreated.

There is a cultural aspect to this election and it isn't race.  People who work should be treated fairly. Criminals will be punished.  The mainstream media doesn't get to have its way, which is bad.  The state education system can't run amok, which it does.  Trump would understand that parents should be able to discipline their children.  He understands someone saying God created the world and that we didn't get here by accident.  Christians will be given a place.

The media calls evangelicals hypocrites for supporting Trump.  That's either propaganda, which is what I think it is, or the media is ignorant.  That's possible too.  People who vote for Trump have explained why, and what I've explained is why. 


Kayla said...

Pastor Brandenburg, Thank you so much for summarizing and sharing. I, too, saw the MacArthur video shortly after your first post. One of the trending opinions was to reprimand pastor's for voicing their choice for president. ??? So thank you for not being shamed into silence or politically correct in that!

Enjoyed the "judgment" rebuttal. How many twists it must take to even believe that much less explain or refute it. Whew.

Well, here we are. So glad for those that have NOT been pragmatists (though accused) and stood by the issues. Seems we fell into their trap of wanting to have the liberal/progressive's approval rather than standing firmly--and this time on such a level.

Though it may be a little late, I may include a few links for fyi.
I'm still trying to comprehend the crystal ball some claim to have in this election--that Trump WILL do something or not--with a quantum leap of omniscience to the point that even Hillary would be better.

Well. Holding my breath, praying ongoingly.

Thanks so much.

Kayla said...

Other final thoughts:




On the side, there is a little film "Sing a Little Louder". Maybe the analogy isn't exactly right, but it made me think of the issues getting left in the dust as Christians #NeverTrump a little louder :)

Farmer Brown said...

New York times 80% chance for trump to win right now, 10:21 EST!

Kent Brandenburg said...


I think that's I've stuck my neck out here, and it's hard not to gloat a little, but I'm going to keep it humble. I am going to enjoy watching the Anti-Trump people, who are now on the outside looking in, losers.