Thursday, January 05, 2012

Just Preach.....

Before you get to reading this post (and please do), a little house cleaning.  I've been reading a series by the pastor of a church in Great Britain, Jon Gleason, to which I want to recommend you.  He's been preaching on bibliology and has written corresponding posts to those sermons:  inspiration, inerrancy, authority, preservation.  These are great work, especially significantly good work on the inspiration part.  Please read them.  Here are the various offerings (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8).

We had a little down time in uploading sermons to our church website, but there is a regular flow of them again here.

I'm not a member of the FBF or the FBFI, but I was just sent an uninvited, spam e-invitation from Mike Sproul for this year's conference in Arizona.  I really don't mind getting things like this, but where is the uproar from those who say that sending uninvited spam is a sin?  I sent news that I had written a book (TSKT) to the Maranatha alumni list a few years ago (since I'm a Maranatha alumnus) and I was told that was a sin by Ben Wright and then Mike Sproul said this about it in a footnote of his published book: "sent uninvited to multiple members of this author’s church."  Of course, I thought that the purpose of a public email list was to let fellow alumni know about such things, and they had their emails available in public for fellow alumni to contact them.  Obviously, Mike Sproul also uses public email lists for similar reasons.  I'm not going to call it a sin, but maybe Ben Wright can help him with this too.  I also get regular unsolicited emails (spam) from my alma mater.

Proceed to the post without passing go.


Al Davis, NFL Hall of Famer and owner of the Oakland Raiders, died during this professional football season.  He gets credit for his famous slogan, "Just win, baby."  This, I believe, reduced his football philosophy to its bare minimum.  You don't get points for artistic value, just another number in either the win or the loss column, so just win, baby.

If you reduced what Jesus did in His ministry, it would be "just preach."  I'm going to drop the "baby" part, but I get the "just..." aspect, so that will stay.

The Raiders could have won the yardage war, won the turnover battle, won the quarterback rating, but lost the game and, therefore, failed.  They could have been the most entertaining, lost, and so failed.  I recognize they have done a lot of losing in the last decade, but that's not my point.  I'm more of a 49er guy myself, but I'm just sayin' that I get what Al Davis was talking about, football-wise.

As we evaluate the life of Jesus, he was in Judea and preached.  He went to Galilee and preached.  He traveled to Samaria and preached.  He crossed over to Perea and preached.  He left for Caesaria-Philippi and preached.  He moved up to Tyre and Sidon and preached.  He preached everywhere.  He preached in every town and village in Galilee.  He just preached.

He just preached, and then what do we do?  We often don't preach.  We invite.  We plan events.  We put on things.  We coordinate.  And then don't preach.

Rushing yards, good.  Passing yards, good.  Tackles, good.  Sacks, good.  Excitement, good.  And then lose the game---well, the ultimate in bad.

If you preach, then you won.  You did what you were to do.  You followed Jesus' example.  You reached the goal.  Even if none to few were saved.

Draw a circle around your area on a map.  Has your church, have you, been to everyone in that area to preach?  If not, then maybe you really are missing why you're still here.


Jon Gleason said...

Thank you for the kind words, Kent. Hopefully the articles will be of some benefit.

Don Johnson said...

hey, Kent, you should show up in AZ anyway, spam or no. I'll buy you a lunch if you do.

Don Johnson
Jer 33.3

Jon Gleason said...

If he doesn't show, Don, post him a tin of... know, I'm not going to even say it. :)

Kent Brandenburg said...

Instead we could go to the Spam museum in Austin, Minnesota, headquarters of Spam.