Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Coming Up

I've been jogging about 14 miles a week spread out over 5 different days. One advantage of running like this, in addition to the exercise, is the great thinking time it affords.  I spend almost all of that time thinking about God, His Word, and issues related to God and His Word.  Late this afternoon as I jogged right next to the San Francisco Bay (East Bay), three or four of my next blog posts came to mind.  First, I'm going to write a part two of "Evangel"icalism, on top of part one, which was yesterday.  Second, I'm going to write about something that came to mind because of a recent brief foray at Barnes and Noble, and leafing through this book.  I skimmed it for about 30 minutes, and even though some of his science is beyond me, the philosophy and other points I found to be quite weak.  Like the Richard Dawkins' materials (who wrote the afterword), he often resorts to baseless ridicule or mockery.  Then I'm going to write a third installment to my Schemes That Avoid Consequences Scripture Guarantees for True Followers of the Lord series.  All coming up.

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