Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Justin Bieber Wears Women's Pants

One of the yahoo news features revealed that Justin Bieber confessed that he wears women's pants. To add some detail, the top article called this "cross dressing." Except, well, no one even knew it. Nobody would have known, if he hadn't said. Can it be cross dressing to do something about which no one would have known had he not said anything? Bieber explained that he dons jeans due to the comfort factor as they look and feel better because they are “more fitted." Justin said: "I've worn women's jeans before because they fit me."

Bieber wears women's jeans because they are "more fitted," that's what distinguishes women's jeans from men's. They are more fitted. Tighter. Snugger. If they weren't tight and so fitting, they would be men's jeans, we surmise.

Evangelicals and fundamentalists argue for women wearing women's pants. They have argued that there are men's pants and women's pants, like, you know, there were two robes in Jesus' and Moses' day. So when a man is able to get into women's pants is this a concern? Of course not. They don't look any different from men's except for how tight they are. Everyone knows this. The shape of the pants is the only difference, which doesn't distinguish them at all. Now this actually contradicts the two robes argument, but then, we already knew that evangelicals and fundamentalists weren't serious about that argument. It was just a smoke cloud, a red herring, to use for ignoring Deuteronomy 22:5. Like Bieber fits into women's pants, these professing Christians have a more snug fit with the world.

And why would women's pants be "more fitted"? What would that idea be all about? But then, if a woman were to wear a man's pair of jeans, would that bother most of evangelicalism and fundamentalism today? No. You wouldn't know it. As a matter of fact, you might think it is better for her to wear men's pants, because they're probably looser fitting.

Let me say sarcastically, husbands and wives, Christian, non-Christian, everyone, go ahead and dig into each other's wardrobes. Sisters, don't just borrow from your sister's closet. Work your brother's closet too and brothers, Justin Bieber has just expanded your wardrobe choices. No need to feel guilty about it, because Christians stopped talking about this a long time ago.

Distinct articles of dress has been relegated to a non-essential.

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Damien said...

LOL! Brother I haven't been around in a while but just reading that very matter-of-fact headline made me laugh out loud!

We recently started conversing again, and I left a comment on a post about 5 or 6 articles back and I came over every now and then to see if you replied, but you didn't. Since then I've been busy, and will continue to be, so any response will probably be unanswered. I figured I'd come see what's up over here and...there it was.