Thursday, November 18, 2010

Video from Panel Discussion at the Word of Truth Conference 2010

We now have video uploaded on youtube of the panel discussion for the Word of Truth Conference 2010, which occurred from 6:15-7:15pm, Sunday, November 14. Five pastors answered questions on and discussed separation and the purity of the church. At the moment of this writing, four of six parts are uploaded HERE. The sound could be a little better and we will correct that in the future, but if you turn up the volume you'll be able to hear this panel discussion.

The rest of the audio will be available soon for each of the morning and evening sessions for the 2010 Word of Truth Conference, November 10-14. We also may have more video from the sessions as well, so stay tuned. We will give you the link for the conference website and the new audio and video of the conference.

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Bill Hardecker said...

Thank you for posting this online. It was neat to be able to see everyone at the panel discussion, including Kelso. It is good to know that you folks are doing well.