Monday, November 29, 2010

Our School: Bethel Christian Academy

Alright, I have to admit that I'm prickly on this, but Yellow Pages, which provided the ad because we pay for a yellow page ad for our school, put a 2 second jingle at the very end, when the screen goes to black, that was not music we would approve. That is an ad for yellow page itself to promote itself. We do not approve of it, did not produce it, so separate that from who we are as a school or from what we would do. We're going to try to get yellow pages to remove that little jingle, but it just is not part of the BCA ad.


Anonymous said...

I know Im nitpicking, but the music towards the end seems to conflict with some of what you have written before on music.

Is that just the yellow pages jingle?

Kent Brandenburg said...

An anonymous nitpicker at that. Yes, it's the yellow page jingle, not our music---the whole production was yellow page except for the people in it. The last part was their ad. But you were able to judge that from just the sound, proving hopefully something to yourself.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pastor Bloggenburger,

Well-rounded children, eh?

I already have a well-rounded child. He's got a big round head and a big round belly.

Bill Hardecker said...

The that a missional one? Are you trying to connect with some type of culture or something? Just kidding. :-)

philipians2511 said...

Just gotta add my 0.02. Was Sutton a car salesman prior to this? He's selling it. Way to go Sutton!!

As for the music, well when your shilling for dollars a little compromise is ok. I mean really we're straining at a gnat. Don't major in the minors folks.#sarcasm.

Just kidding of course. How's the work in the bay area going? Any updates Br. Brandenbuger?


Br. Steve

Gal. 2.20

d4v34x said...

Pretty sharp looking facility, teachers, kids, and ad. Well done.

I'm amazed at how young Pastor Sutton looks. He's very well preserved. :^)

Kent Brandenburg said...

Thanks for the comments,

Pastor Sutton has the most massive hair the solar system, the polar opposite of mine, we're kind of ying-yang on hair, almost like the eastern sounding yellow page ending.


I'll update the work sometime soon. Someone else asked, so I'll tell what's happened recently in a post.

Kent Brandenburg said...


Very funny on the well-rounded, interesting how that hit home. Some of us want to be less well-rounded.


I will be writing on what's happening on Sacramento and maybe do a little series on that, in answer to an email you sent on that. Thanks!

Bill Hardecker said...

Super! Thank you.