Monday, April 05, 2010

West Point in the News

As an Indiana boy, I have to support Butler for tonight's championship, but Coach Mike Krzyzewski, a West Point graduate, and 2009 inductee into the Army Sports Hall of Fame, brings the USMA into the news again. He played basketball for his four year cadet career at West Point under Coach Bob Knight, and later returned to coach Army basketball for five years.

We also read much about General David H. Petraeus, West Point graduate, and commander of the United States Central Command. He's all over the place in the news. One was a lengthy Vanity Fair article about his life, including several West Point moments. The London Telegraph wants to recruit him to run for President. The blogosphere has gone wild with a Petraeus presidential run, even though he has flatly denied it.

Of course, these two recent events comes upon Forbes announcing West Point as the number one college or university in America and my son entering his first year there as a cadet.

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