Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Thy Myth of Born Homosexuals

Bible-believing Christians don't think that anyone is born homosexual, but people in the world often talk like that's fact. It isn't. Research by scientists has not revealed biological or genetical homosexuality. Studies have shown the opposite. Science reveals that no one is born homosexual. The scientific research indicates that homosexuality is caused by environmental and temperamental factors. You can go to the Bible to counter the myth of birth homosexuality. Scripture is clear. This is all about behavior. People make choices with their lives based on something they feel.

Below are some links which will show the science of it. I can't endorse everything that they say, but I can much of it.

Is There a Gay Gene?

No. If there were, identical twins would both be homosexual. Far more often one of the twins is and one of them isn't.

"Homosexuality Is Not Hardwired," Concludes Dr. Francis S. Collins, Head Of The Human Genome Project

Here's a guy with a lot of credibility. Very brainy. Hard facts.

The Importance of Twin Studies

They studied 14,000 twins from Australia. Devastating proof against the pro-born-that-way people. The argument is over.

Is Sexual Orientation Fixed at Birth?

Lots of quotes from people with impressive credentials. Answer: No.

Here are two great articles which I believe accurately describe how people become homosexuals. Romans 1 does a good job of describing it theologically, but these show what it looks like when it is happening. They are worth reading.

Homosexuality 101: What Every Therapist, Parent, And Homosexual Should Know


How Might Homosexuality Develop?

Both of these articles lay out very clearly how it happens that someone becomes a homosexual, since we're not born that way.

The following articles show that the gay gene and the hypothalamus and length-of-fingers and left-handedness theories are nothing more than spoofs or urban legends. What is really happening is a propaganda war.

Media Campaign Waged

Dr. Phil Is Part of the Political Correctness Movement on This

This is another one of those areas like evolution and global warming that there is a political or philosophical point of view that dominates actual science. You can't even challenge the position or you are discredited.

I will be linking a sermon I preached on this in light of a state constitutional amendment on the definition of marriage that we will be voting on in the state of California this November.


Stephen Garrett said...

Dear Kent:

I agree. I also have taken opportunities through the years to inform people as you have. There is no gay gene!

God bless


Bill Hardecker said...

Where is the outrage? The CT courts legalized same-sex marriage. The courts are destroying the basic unit of society via judicial fiat. Each state really needs a Constitutional amendment to protect the family from the tyranny of the black robes. I hope CA voters would go do the right thing. Thus far, CA got it wrong on homeschooling, and corporeal punishment.

Interesting read. Thank you.

Bill Hardecker said...

Good job CA...on "yes" to Proposition 8.