Sunday, October 19, 2008

Obama and Infanticide, Let Alone Obama and Abortion

If anyone wants to talk about civil rights, he should talk about the most helpless individual in society, the unborn child, still in his mother's womb. If we will not speak out for these, then we should speak out for no one. But what about children successfully born, surviving child birth, alive outside of the mother's womb? If you were to kill one of these, is that murder? Obama supported and does support infanticide.

Read this article.

If your conscience will still allow you to support Obama, then you have hardened yourself in extreme fashion. Any man, I don't care who he is---republican, democrat, green party, constitution party---should not receive our vote if he even believes the position as Obama, let alone speaks out for it as Obama has done.


Bill Hardecker said...

The unborn is a human life. The mere fact that "it" is human life deserves the very first of our "unaliable Rights" (which stems from God Himself)recognized as self-evident in the Declaration of Independence, which is the right to Life.

Obama (aka B.O.) thinks that health care is a right. Hmmm, we don't see that in any of our founding documents.

Former Senator Rick Santorum (of my state of PA) basically asked at what point does a baby have rights, Barbara Boxer basically said: "I think when you bring your baby home, when your baby is born...the baby belongs to your family and has rights."(this statement was expunged from the Congressional record...but in our day and age, anyone can look it up online and read exactly what she said). Boxer in effect is saying that a mother may terminate the child while in the hospital after being born. This is sickening. How about terminating the life of a child, or a teenager, how about raising it to 21? I digress, after all, anyone reading this is an overgrown fetus.

Grace Bailey said...

Very well said! I agree with you! Here are some additional thoughts backed by scripture.
Mankind is unique in all of creation because we were made in God's image (Genesis 1:26-27 and 5:1-2). This is true of the entire human race & every member of it without exception, including unborn children. The sanctity that God's image bestows (even after the Fall) on each human being is affirmed by the prohibition on taking human life in Genesis 9:6. This prohibition became reinforced as the sixth commandment states: You shall not murder. (Exodus 20:13). This is the fundamental pro-life position: that every human life is sacred. Please pray with me, not only during this event, but everyday & always, to save the lives of children the world doesn't want. Please pray with me, that our country's leaders' eyes would be opened & they would truly see. Please pray that God would grant us repentance & judge us not to destruction. Starting on September 26th-November 4th the campaign 40 Days For LIFE will be ongoing.