Wednesday, August 01, 2018

The Presuppositions for Text and Canon of Scripture, the Same: Jeff Riddle

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I don't know him, never met or talked or interacted in any way, but I have read and listened to Jeff Riddle in the last year or two.  We take similar if not identical views of the text of scripture.  When we wrote and published TSKT in 2003, I wrote the chapter (19), "Test of Canonicity as Applied to Words," which I hear from Riddle too.  He wrote a great article on the ending of Mark in the Puritan Reformed Journal (look for it), published here.  He interacts with a conversation between James White and Michael Kruger on the canon argument here, which will point out the contradiction in the evangelical presuppositions for canon and text.  It's important.  An index to all his materials is here.

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Bill Hardecker said...

I came across his blog, "Stylos" and his audio-blog Word Magazine a couple of months ago. Fabulous content. I am not sure if the differences between your views and his on Bibliology is merely semantics or actual. If it is actual, it sure seems minor.