Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I mentioned that we have the panel discussion for Word of Truth 2010 online. The whole discussion is now at the link provided in the previous post below. You can start listening to the audio for this year's conference at the conference website, and downloading those sessions HERE. Click on the sermon tab. To go straight to just the 2010 sessions, click HERE. We have a few conference notebooks left at 10 dollars apiece, plus shipping and handling. It has 75 pages of material. Let us know if you want one of those.


Kent Brandenburg said...

You may wonder why we have only one sermon on the conference website. Technical difficulties. I've tried to upload about 8 times now and haven't succeeded. We will keep trying and I believe you will have access to those sermons soon.

philipians2511 said...

Br. Brandenbuger,

I wanted to get one of the notebooks. Would you mind e mailing me a total with s/h?

Respectfully Submitted,

Br. Steve
Gal. 2.20

Kent Brandenburg said...