Monday, October 19, 2020

Disinformation Is the Present Norm In American Culture: Hunter Biden Laptop as a Case Study

The Hunter Biden laptop story from the New York Post manifests the mainstream reality of misinformation and disinformation.  I would call it micro-disinformation within the greater macro-disinformation.  We live in a world of lies, represented by 2 Corinthians 4:4, "the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not."  Satan is the "prince of this world" (John 12:31) and in that role "there is no truth in him, . . . he is a liar, and the father of it" (John 8:44).  The lies are foisted upon easily deceived minds in many various ways.

Macro-disinformation underlies the true view of the world, what the world really is.  I call these the "big lies," and these are the more important lies, like the naturalism lie, that everything got here by accident and not by design.  The big lies allow someone to go through his entire life and not deal with God.  They mask the immense and deep trouble for every person because of sin.  They send people in the direction of false solutions to the problems of the world, giving men the lie that they are solved through assorted human means:  education, philosophy, psychology, government, or economics.  Another big lie is the goodness of men, convincing them that they are good, that they are or will be fine like they are.

The Biden laptop story is simple.  For whatever reason, Hunter Biden left his laptop at a Delaware computer repair shop, which had an abundance of incriminating evidence on it against his dad, who's running for president of the United States.  In a way, I hate writing this, because it so patently obvious. No one should have to write on it, but numerous counter stories have been written with masses of lies and deceptions to cloak or deflect from the truth. There have been many of these types of true revelations in the last four years, or even many more years, blockbuster types, that are lost in the fog of macro-disinformation.  They are micro-disinformation.

Within the universe of macro-disinformation falls postmodern thought that so blurs both the foreground and the background to leave people, especially younger ones completely befuddled.  They don't believe they can judge the nose on their face.  Even the truth cannot be judged to be the truth, because what appears to be the truth is an operation of power and oppression.  A party leader could come out and say, it's Russian disinformation, and people will now believe it.  A news source can show the very emails and the chain of evidence for the laptop, and a majority will doubt the story.  There is no proof of Russian involvement.  It's very straightforward.

The laptop undoes the Trump impeachment, giving credibility to the question Trump asked the Ukrainian president.  He should have asked the question of him, but the email evidence says that Trump was right.  The laptop says that the Biden family enriched itself through the influence of Joe Biden's office.  It was quid pro quo upon quid pro quo.  Many countries, including China, got access to the executive branch of the United States by giving Joe Biden and his family money.  That's what it shows.  It is easy to see.  Will it matter in the race?  It might not, because the truth really isn't the truth.  No truth is the truth, because the truth isn't determined by the plain means.  Every person can take the regular means, the right means of discerning truth, and be justified in ignoring it with the new paradigm, related even to critical theory.

Everyone looks out at the world and knows it's not an accident.  An accident though is till a feasible explanation.  It counts.  It's demonstrably false, but it still counts as truth.  It is what is taught in the public school.  Out of that macro-distinformation proceeds micro-distinformation.  This is the world of lies over which Satan rules and deceives.

I often say that the world isn't credible, but it is alluring.  This is what Jonah called, "lying vanities."  Someone isn't an American Indian, but she is to get a scholarship or a tenured professor position.  The truth then is whatever furthers one's lust (cf. 2 Peter 2).  The conscience may still warn against the lie according to a true standard that remains in the heart, but personal desire extinguishes or deadens the warning.  The truth becomes the most convenient story, the most useful one.  In that sense, some might call it "authentic," which has also changed in meaning.

The laptop of Biden was authentic.  It could be traced to Biden.  It had Biden's material on it.  It came with Biden's signature.  Biden tried to retrieve it later.  That's the real or true meaning of authentic, but now authentic is whatever is most authentic to the subject.  What's authentic is that it isn't his laptop, because that doesn't fit what I want to happen.  What is authentic is that a Russian dropped it off and forged the name of Biden.  This sounds like tradecraft out of spy fiction.  Why not have that be your truth?

Someone may have zero skill at drawing or painting, but he is authentic.  What went on to the canvas was true to him.  Someone's music is true to him.  It might be alternative.  It isn't Southern.  It isn't gospel.  It is something original, something that no one has heard before, but it is authentic to a particular person.  Maybe others will like it too.  You see this today with fashion, art, and music.  Anyone can say it's true, because it's true to the subject, which is the meaning of subjective.

You know this.  There might be a truth.  Trump calls Fauci an idiot.  That's true.  He actually said:

People are saying whatever. Just leave us alone. They're tired of it. People are tired of hearing Fauci and all these idiots.

It's not exactly, "Fauci is an idiot."  No, but by making it the headline and misquoting it, it is a kind of disinformation.  The disinformation comes also with an unappealing picture of the president, mouth wide open and veins protruding from his neck.  Someone can turn a story with how he portrays it, turning it into a bit of micro-disinformation in a world of lies.  So a lyric of Hillsong and Bethel is the truth, but does that make it true if the music is worldly and fleshly?  It's like an angry photo next to even an innocent statement.  It changes the meaning.

The ultimate macro-disinformation is the elimination of God and His Word in whatever fashion necessary.  There is no standard.  Jesus said, Thy Word is truth.  Jesus said, the greatest in His kingdom will keep the least of His commandments.  When that doesn't fit the will of the hearer, he shapes that into something that accommodates what he does want.  The Bible is still there, like Hunter Biden's laptop, but it means whatever you want it to mean, so it means nothing.  This is the present norm in American culture.

I know some people are suspect of disinformation and would say they want the truth.  I know of very little of it.  Even for those who accept truth, it's a percentage.  They aren't taking it all. They are negotiating a percentage. This itself is an adjustment to the present norm in American culture.


Kent Brandenburg said...

Anonymous (with 2 comments),

I won't publish comments with foul language. You probably knew that.

Rob said...

You have seen the laptop and the emails in question? If not, how could you possibly make the above statements with any degree of confidence. I know your statements fit the narrative of what you want to be true, but it is pretty irresponsible to make such pronouncements when US intelligence, who has access to the actual evidence, it unwilling to.

Kent Brandenburg said...

Yes, I've seen the emails. Those have been published online. They are not being denied by Bidens. They are said to be true by an independent witness, former business partner publically. The Director of National Intelligence says it isn't Russian disinformation. What, as I see it, is irresponsible, is the leaking and publishing of the Steele dossier and then the Russia collusion hoax. No one was prosecuted for Russia collusion. Bot farm owners were indicted, never prosecuted, never were going to be. You are subject to disinformation, Rob. You are a victim.

Kent Brandenburg said...

Anonymous commenters who use foul language,

I don't get your coming on here and insulting with foul language. You don't bring anything persuasive. You remind me of a Portland protestor, which is nearer to what the nation is going to become if your people take charge. It's already near to that.

However, for everyone else,

I used the Hunter Biden laptop as a symbol and the focus of the post was disinformation, especially macro-disinformation, as I called it. Sometimes it's nice if someone interacts with the post rather than striking out of Trump derangement.

Rob said...

TDS doesn’t exist. It’s merely a shorthand way to try to discredit people who oppose Trump without dealing with the actual arguments. My last post did deal directly with your laptop arguments. Have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Consider the role of disinformation in the attempt by the Chinese Communist Party to force the "annexation" of Taiwan:

Kent Brandenburg said...


People are deranged by Trump. There's a lot of evidence of that. It's not an expression that's just a way to discredit Trump haters.

You say you made an argument, which was, have I seen the laptop or the emails? I've seen the emails. And more. It's not much of an argument against the reality of the laptop and the emails.

Rob said...

You’ve seen “purported” emails, and I’m quite sure you haven’t done a forensic analysis of the laptop to see if they are legitimate, nor have you read all 26,000 of them. If what you were saying is true, then why has the Trump-appointed FBI director not brought charges against Hunter Biden? If professional law enforcement, who has all the evidence, is not willing to jump to the conclusions that you are, it is highly irresponsible for you to make such claims.

Kent Brandenburg said...

26,000 what?

Kent Brandenburg said...


Not going to publish comments with foul language. If you are the same character every time, why not just stop using the foul language? It won't save you from sin. You need Jesus Christ for that, but it's still the right thing to do and required to comment here. Personally, I don't know why someone like you wants to make this point with me anyway unless you are someone I know or you know someone I know and you're doing it for him.

Everyone else, he says that this article refutes the reality or truthfulness of the Hunter Biden laptop:

When you read the article, you will see its nothing more than a red herring for low information voters. The writers are attempting to conflate this story, which reads more like a fraud to a greater conspiracy. This is a grand conspiracy theory, which is supposed to be a no-no for leftists (they are biggest conspiracy theorists existing, one after another -- if I believed in the psychology, this would be "transference").

The greater the strange opposition to the laptop, the more real it looks and the more dangerous it looks. Maybe you read about how that Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Glenn Greenwald had to resign from his own news outlet that he founded, The Intercept, because it censored his own articles that said something about the Hunter Biden laptop and the connection to Joe Biden Matt Taibbi writes about it here:

And the censored article here: