Friday, January 10, 2020

Learn New Testament Greek in 2020

If people in your church would like to learn New Testament Greek in 2020, a good opportunity is available.  You can learn from a committed independent Baptist separatist who is committed to the Biblical doctrine of perfect preservation and consequently holds to the Textus Receptus and Authorized Version.  The lectures from our 1st year Greek course at Mukwonago Baptist Bible Institute are (gradually) getting online (we would appreciate prayer for someone who could help us with a lot of material that needs to get posted for God's glory and kingdom).  If you visit the playlist for the New Testament Greek class on YouTube by clicking here, you will see that a decent portion of the lectures for first year Greek are already available, and, Lord willing, more will continue to be made live.  You would need to purchase the textbooks, discussed in the first class, including William Mounce's Basics of Biblical Greek with its accompanying workbook, Halcomb's Speak Koine Greek:  A Conversational Phrasebook, and, of course, a Greek Textus Receptus.  I am thankful that BethHaven Baptist Seminary in Oklahoma City, OK is using the lectures, and would be happy to supply material that could help church-run Bible institutes that currently do not have someone who could properly teach NT Greek use the class to help them in training men for the ministry and helping those, whether they are called to the ministry or not, to know the Word of God better.

Lord willing, I will be able to expand the material related to the class at the college courses section on my website, but a good portion of the most important portion of the class, the lectures, is already available for use on the YouTube playlist.

I have embedded the first three classes below for interested persons.

Class #1:

Class #2:

Class #3:

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