Friday, March 09, 2018

Evan Roberts & the Welsh Revival of 1904-1905: His conversion (?): Part 1 of 22

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You are also encouraged to learn more about Keswick theology and its errors, as well as the Biblical doctrine of salvation, at the soteriology page at Faithsaves.


Gary Webb said...

Brother Ross,
Thanks for this information on Evan Roberts.
Once, after preaching on music to a youth group, I was approached by a young person with seemingly serious questions about what I had preached. He did not seem to understand some simple statements based upon God's Word.
The youth pastor at that church was standing nearby & listening as I attempted to answer this young person's questions. He could see that I was having trouble persuading the youth. At that point he said to the young person, "When were you saved?" There was no answer. The youth pastor knew the reason for the youth's questions was that the youth was unconverted. I was immediately enlightened as to why there was a difficulty in the understanding of the youth.
As I read stories of "great Christians of the past" & take note of the unscriptural practices & doctrines, I often wish I could ask them, "When were you saved?" I believe their answer to that question would clear up a lot of questions about why they believed & practiced the way they did. A good example of this would be Charles Finney.

KJB1611 said...

Yes, lack of true conversion is a big problem.

Something I have difficulty in understanding is why people who profess the necessity of conversion will exalt someone like Evan Roberts who did not have any evidence of real conversion (something we will also see in subsequent parts of this series, Lord willing). The only people who should be excited about Evan Roberts are charismatics.

Thanks for the comment.