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Health Threats from Samaritan Ministries, part 2

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The May 2017 issue of the Samaritan Ministries newsletter continues the practice of promoting lies that are dangerous to your health.

The newsletter promotes the quack book Primal Panacea, by Thomas Levy, who was a "professor" at a fraudulent diploma mill and claims that "Vitamin C reverse[s] AIDS . . . pesticide exposure, black widow  bite, barbiturate overdose, highland moccasin snake bite, mushroom poisoning . . . polio, viral hepatitis, measles, mumps, viral encephalitis, chicken pox, herpes, viral pneumonia, influenzas, rabies, AIDS, ebola, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, tuberculosis, streptococcal infections, leprosy, typhoid, malaria, brucellosis, trichinosis, amebic dysentery, bacillary dysentery, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, trypanosomal infections . . . [and can] eradicate cancer" (pgs. 6-7).  Why doesn't medical science use it to cure absolutely everything like this?  The Conspiracy, of course:  "[T]here are strong incentives for doctors to use expensive drug therapies and ignore the promise of Vitamin C."  Why insurance companies wish to pay out huge sums instead of paying $1 for Vitamin C is left unexplained, as is why people who don't have doctors in poor countries don't go with his cure-all, and why the huge numbers of other parties that have incredible incentives to reduce costs don't adopt his panacea--except, of course, for the fact that his "primal panacea" is a lie.  Nor is it explained why the miracle algae that Samaritan Ministries promoted to cure everything only a few months earlier is not extolled at this time; perhaps both the miracle algae and Mr. Levy's prognostications cure everything.

The issue likewise continues to promote the medical menace Joseph Mercola (pg. 8), who, as was noted previously, claims that HIV does not cause AIDS, but things like "stress" and the drugs given to cure AIDS really cause the disease. If you follow the medical advice (that they pretend is not medical advice) in the Samaritan Ministries newsletter, you should expect to die from easily curable diseases, for good old snake oil is as effective a cure as Thomas Levy's prescriptions, homeopathy, and miracle algae.

Keeping up the promotion of health threats posing as cure-alls, the August 2017 issue of Samaritan Ministries continues to promote the dangerous quack David Brownstein (who, recall from "Dangers in Samaritan Ministries part 3," claims a quack cure for Ebola, recommends potentially toxic and dangerous levels of vitamin supplements, and makes recommendations for people with heart disease that will lead to their early death).  Now yet another miracle cure is promoted:  Ozone:  The Miracle Therapy. (As noted below, this month Brownstein's  book promotes a second Ebola cure--how easy this incurable disease is to cure!) This time it is ozone that defeats everything from "autoimmune diseases, cancer, diverticulitus [sic], heart disease, infections . . . macular degeneration, shingles, pneumonia, stroke, and urinary infections" (pg. 6).  If one has received the Samaritan newsletter for a while, one wonders why it is necessary to buy Brownstein's book and pay for this Miracle Cure from unconventional medicine peddlers, as previous issues have promoted other Miracle Cures that also take care of everything from cancer to stroke.  It appears that everything is a Miracle Cure that defeats cancer except for scientific medicine, which is disparaged by Samaritan Ministries.  Indeed, Ozone Therapy even allegedly cures "ebola," just like other Miracle Cures Brownstein has made money on from gullible first world people in the past but has failed to properly test and has failed to actually cure third world people who actually had Ebola.

The Samaritan newsletter claims that "Ozone therapy supplies the body's cells with oxygen" (pg. 6) making a very dangerous and very ignorant equation of O2 (the oxygen we use to breathe) and O3 (ozone).  Just like adding two "H" atoms to "O2" changes the oxygen gas we breathe into hydrogen peroxide, H2O2, which has properties not a little different than gaseous oxygen, changing O2 to O3 results in a completely different chemical compound.  Ozone is useful far away from us up in the sky where it is bombarded with solar radiation in the ozone layer.  On the ground, ozone is not a Miracle Cure, but a dangerous pollutant that we try to keep out of the air:  "Breathing ozone can trigger a variety of health problems, particularly for children, the elderly, and people of all ages who have lung diseases such as asthma." Of course, since it can kill things like bleach or ammonia kill, ozone can be used to help people with burns avoid infection and in a few other limited medical uses. Despite the fact that ozone does not cure cancer, etc. any more than carbon monoxide does, and it is a dangerous pollutant, one will conclude from the Samaritan article that "ozone therapy is completely safe" (pg. 7), perhaps even allow a quack to inject ozone directly into one's blood stream (as Samaritan discusses but does not condemn, but claims the jury is out on whether this is a good idea, when it is no more out on that question than on whether or not to inject bleach into one's bloodstream), and will (after spending the money to buy Brownstein's book) be likely to spend money and risk one's life at yet another quack Miracle Treatment that both does not cure disease and is also dangerous to one's health.

See the study here for an analysis of quack oxygen and ozone therapies, and some reliable Christian information on unconventional medicine here.

Samaritan Ministries is detracting from the glory of God's name by making it seem like a Christian thing to believe unscientific and dangerous foolishness and also putting at risk the lives of God's people through its continual stream of quack nonsense.

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