Saturday, April 01, 2017

Weekend Observations: What I Think Is the True Narrative on the 2016 Presidential Election and the Russia Connection

The media lies more than ever.  Trump is the first Republican president to fight against its lies like the media itself fights, and the lies are at a greater magnitude, so his fight also looks like something we've never seen.  For myself and maybe another 20% (could be more) of all Americans, we know the story told by the mainstream of the media is false.  Most of it is in cahoots to defeat Trump right now. Talk radio, the Drudgereport, other conservative online news outlets, a few mid-major papers, and Fox News push back.  The main story right now involves how Trump won the election and what was done to stop him.  That is still the major news of the United States, bigger than healthcare, bigger than North Korea, bigger than the Supreme Court, and bigger than radical Islamic terrorism.

The Democrat, left-wing, blue state, and media complex says Trump is an illegitimate president, because he would not have won the national election without the help of Vladimir Putin and Russia. That is a lie, a big whopper lie, but it is the lie of choice for the above complex, to use to discredit Trump, even impeach him if it could.

Before I move along to the main point, it's very funny for me to watch the left label Trump as an unstable loony, who they don't want with his hands on the nuclear codes.  He can build gigantic skyscrapers all over the world.  Lots could go wrong there and it hasn't.  More than that, how could the left call anything loony?  The left has the most loony people on earth, the craziest.  Look at their protest crowds and tell me that you would want to be around those people.  They're sick.  I live in California and they are demented like you will never see except from them, including our governor. This does go right along with their Russian story.  They can count on their people believing it. 

So what really has happened?  What is the true story?  Here's what I think it is.

As the general election began, Russia was one of many various possible avenues to discredit Trump. The cabal of the left could build a possible negative story line using his positive statements about Putin in answer to questions, the Paul Manafort connection, and Trump's perceived softness on Russia.  The dossier done by the former British spy showed they were looking for tidbits within that angle to add more depth and detail to the story.  When Podestas emails were published by Wikileaks, Russia was a distraction.  I believe they never stepped on the Russian accelerator because they saw almost no possibility of losing.

Once Hillary lost, in a short time Russia looked good as an excuse for the election and a means to discredit Trump's victory.  Every possible asset for the left began to look for information to support a Russia narrative.  They used illegal surveillance of the Trump transition, which did include what someone might call wiretaps.  Now almost everyone's phone can be monitored by the government, calls recorded, transcribed, and filed for future possible use.

The Obama government used the Russian concoction to justify listening into multiple Russian figures with the purpose of eavesdropping on Trump team members.  A Russian conspiracy provided deniability.  It was "incidental" monitoring.  They were looking for two things. One, they wanted everything that might work to frame Trump as colluding with the Russian to throw the election.  They knew he wasn't colluding, but they needed everything they could use to make him look like he was. Two, they were listening to find anything else they could use to embarrass Trump.  Obama loyalists or even just anti-Trumpers worked behind the scenes to undermine Trump's transition and then presidency, gunk up the gears or even remove him from office with a cloud of guilt.

Major leftist newspapers mentioned the wiretapping of Trump, unwittingly validating the surveillance. They were so honed in on the Russian angle that it never occurred that someone might pay attention to the illegal way they received their information.  Stories were disseminated around the government and leaked to the press, what looks like under the influence of Obama's leadership. He had signed an executive order in the last days of his presidency to encourage it.  These stories could have only come from those within the government with wiretapping capacity.  The final step of a wiretap is the unmasking of a name.  Someone or a group of ones unmasked and in so doing conspired politically against the president elect and violated privacy law.

I believe that several government intelligence officers broke the law as a form of opposition or protest as some form of civil disobedience.  They justified it as some type of pro-American act to save America for political or personal reasons.  They thought they might get away with it, but they were willing to suffer the consequences, perhaps not seeing a political will in this country any more to punish them. They may have seen Trump as too incompetent to catch them, even as Trump had been underestimated during most of the election.

I don't think these intelligence officers found any illegality for Trump.  They couldn't find useful information, not enough to frame him.  The best they could do was use their transcribed surveillance to catch Michael Flynn in a lie to Mike Pence, that disrupted the Trump transition. If there was anything else, I believe we would have already heard about it.  The real story is the surveillance. There is no illegal Russian connection with Trump.  Hillary Clinton easily more likely has illegal Russian connections.  Trump doesn't.  However, Trump was illegally monitored by the Obama administration at a level of corruption that surpasses Nixon and Watergate.

The above, I believe, is what has occurred.  I will await to see the story unfold.

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Kent Brandenburg said...

The Susan Rice story had not emerged. My story above seems to be looking better and better, doesn't it?