Thursday, February 16, 2017

Travel Ban Roll-Out Versus Oroville Dam Evacuation

Want to understand the degree of bias there is in the media and in our communications institutions, which really includes schools?  I think 109 were inconvenienced in their travel situations with the travel ban, and the media goes bonkers to make Trump look incompetent.  Here in the People's Republic of California, we have to evacuate 200,000 people, including whole cities, because of massive incompetency, had to leave their homes and in many instances live for days in absolute squalor.  They don't care about saving water.  Why?  I think you could see how that drought is good advertisement for global warming.  You almost hate water if you want something for your propaganda.  Perpetual state of drought because we have crumbling infrastructure.  The money goes to a vortex of bloated bureaucracy. You get almost zero blame for the Bolshevics here.  Geraldo Cafe (Jerry Brown) does not get called down or called up for not doing his job.  The political class and the media are in cahoots people. This is what people mean by fake news.  You can't count on these people to report with accuracy. They have an agenda.  Count on it.  Believe it.

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Kent Brandenburg said...

Here's the link to an article today, validating what I've written here, from Forbes: