Saturday, January 28, 2017

Donald Trump Doesn't Care That Your Feelings Are Hurt

I've been thinking about the Democrat, celebrity, and media reaction to Donald Trump winning and commencing his presidency.  They are telling us that their feelings are hurt.  They are hurting.  They are scared.  It is disconcerting.  It is disturbing. Then they insult him.  They insult the man who defeated them.  Of course, they also insult all the people who voted for him, which won 306 electoral votes and 33 states, and most of the battlegrounds.  Now they say they will fight him and oppose him and resist him.

As a sensitive human being, it is tough for me to see people with hurt feelings.  I want to help them.  I want to know what's wrong so that I can help them.  This situation really is different than your standard hurt feelings though.

I've been hearing lots of names.  Establishment.  Social justice warriors.  Snowflakes.  These are the people with the hurt feelings.  I'm just going to call them "the left" in this article, even though it isn't all ideological.  Many of these see themselves as very smart and the ones who didn't get fooled. They are angry at the people who were fooled.  They haven't gotten off to a good start on the education of the ignorant Trump voter.  The Trump voters are smart enough to know that the left thinks they're stupid.

At this point, I would describe the reaction to Trump as a tantrum.  With many it comes with a tremendous amount of foul language, quite a lot of violence.  It is like the tantrum of a poorly trained toddler, who isn't getting his way.  Some of them really are afraid, because of the strategy of the left in the election.  The left tried to create a fear of Trump, so that when Trump won, it was so bad, the public school provided counselors.  This was widely reported.  Some of it was just convenient skipping of class, with the election as a cover, but some of it was actual fear.  Then the fear was reported upon as having been caused by Trump.

Despite the hurt feelings, Trump keeps tweeting.  He's doubling and tripling down.  He doesn't care that your feelings are hurt.

The feelings are so strong here in California that polls say that a third of those polled want California to leave the United States.  There is a movement to do that.  California seems to be planning resistance to the loss of federal money for sanctuary cities.  They might be able to stay angry about Trump, if they are not stoned after passing the new marijuana law.  I saw my first shop today open a block away from the church building, doors wide open with rows of shelves of varied paraphernalia, racks of t-shirts celebrating.  I've been in Colorado a few times, since they legalized, and those shops dot the state like Starbucks even in the most conservative areas.

In the comment section of a California secession article, there were numerous gems in the comment section, and here a few:
Helen:  "in san francisco there are twelve thousand homeless people...there are buildings in the financial district that are built like crayons in a box, no daylight between them, and some are standing on insufficient foundations and tilting toward others. the infrastructure of the city is like a trash bin. bush street, one of the major conduits to the bay bridge, looks like a street in a third world country. bay area rapid transit riding is like being in a petri dish of fecal material. the bart bathrooms are unsanitary. the city is untended because the san francisco politicos are fixated on the sanctuary city policy which benefits illegal aliens. the san francisco politicos are so wealthy, so oligarchic, so insulated from the concerns of common citizens, that they push the issues that can get them elected again and neglect their responsibility to the citizens of the city and bay area. the attorney general of the state of california, recently made junior senator in california, kamala harris, neglected to act when san francisco based wells fargo bank created two million fake accounts, cheating its customers. i lived in this city for thirty years and i wish the current leadership were purged from city, state and national government." 
bca:  "Let California secede... That way (1) all the other western states can charge them BILLIONS for the water they need, and (2) when the big earthquake happens the rest of the US will be spared from the insurance hit and won't have the foot the bill for repairs..." 
Timesponge:  "I am a native Californian and I support seceding for the following reasons: [1] It will sever the Hollywood money river that funds current Democratic US candidates [2] It will sever education funding from the US Federal government thus forcing California schools to control their spending [3] Without California's electoral college votes, Democrats will never again be able to win the US Presidency"
The left said Trump was lying.  Now they wish he was. Contradictions like this are almost endless. The left insisted Trump accept the election results.  When he won, they wouldn't accept the election results. I could write a whole post with just contradictions like these.

No NBA coach could support Trump and keep his job.  Now a part of your job description is whining about Trump, complaining about Trump.  Watch Gregg Popovich walk toward a referee, shouting obscenities, held back by an assistant coach, before he is ejected.  Watch Popovich abuse reporters for asking questions, treat them in a condescending manner.  Then he pontificates about the unexemplary behavior of Trump, as if he resides on some moral high ground.  Steve Kerr today was asked before the game about his recent political tweets, and he said that he couldn't comment right before the game, except to say that things were "scary" and "disconcerting."  The political pandering is repulsive.

The left is "speaking out."  They are "letting their voice be heard."  They are showing their anger.  They are persuading no one to join them.

The woman's march should have been called the sore losing Hillary voter march.  It represented women who voted for Hillary and lost the election.  Unless intimidation will work, they are only repulsing women who might be sitting on the fence wondering.

I have read pro-life support.  The pro losing Hillary voter says if the pro-life had their way, they would die in a back alley using a coat hanger.  I said that what I've heard since the Trump victory is a tantrum. Threatening a coat hanger is a tantrum.  Spoiled little children throw tantrums when they can't have candy at the supermarket check-out.  If you give them candy, they'll cry harder the next time.  I'll use a coat hanger if you don't let me have an abortion!!

People got stuck at airports unable to come back from Iran and Syria.  They cry.  The media cries. Trump doesn't care.  He knows that you won't stop them from crying by giving them their way.  You'll get more of it, because it works.  You don't cry and whine when a piece of shrapnel enters your brain from a back-pack bomb.  You lay silent and meet your Creator.

Entire articles, posing like news or journalism, take the nature of a tantrum or a complaint, the following paragraph an easy example:
Despair and confusion set in Saturday among citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries who found themselves abruptly unable to enter the United States a day after Trump signed an order he billed as a necessary step to stop "radical Islamic terrorists" from coming to the U.S.
The report didn't say that only 36% of Americans even want Syrian refugees to enter the country.

The Mexican president, the Mexican people, their feelings are hurt.  They hurt because of the wall. They hurt because some of their trade advantage with the United States will go to build a wall.  They hurt because there will be less gravy on the gravy train. The mayor of Berlin says his feelings are hurt too, because Berlin once had a wall and Berlin tore it down.  He's a sensitive man and he's hurting over the news of a wall.  This won't work with Trump.  He looks out the White House window and sees a fence and guards and knows how important walls and fences are.  The pope knows.  President Obama knows.  Hillary knows.  Trump voters know.

People who benefited from voter fraud don't want an investigation.  What could be controversial about investigating voter fraud?  Who would be against that? Anyone with less than half a brain knows who benefits from voter fraud.  Robot-like statisticians with zero feelings know that less than ten percent of fraudulent voters will vote Republican.  The Democrat Party the only party where fraud is in the budget for their campaign, the only party when in a staff meeting, someone is asked, "How's the fraud going?"  It's called get-out-the-vote like torture is called enhanced interrogation.  The only thing worse than not producing the evidence is looking for evidence.

Hurt feelings are an argument for some people.  Scary, disconcerting, disturbing.  Those aren't arguments, but they work for the superficial, childish, or immature.  Hurt feelings won't change Donald Trump's mind.  They've lost their effectiveness as a tool of manipulation.  My feelings will be hurt if they haven't.


Anonymous said...

Got news for you Kent. There are people (the ones with brains) that do understand what kind of person your ilk has sold their soul to but it does not mean they are throwing tantrums when they point it out. Your ilk has blasted away at Obama for 8 years and you can't take it when it comes back at your boy.

And while you are on the issue of tantrums, why don't you observe the tantrums that your boy has engaged in for the past few days such as whining about how many people came to his inauguration or whether he won the popular vote?

You Trump lovers can't seem to figure out something: yes your boy won but you are not going to force respect for him down the throats of those who see through him. We despise him even if we agree with some of his positions (of the month).

You would have more credibility if you found someone worthy of your defense.

Kent Brandenburg said...


I've printed your negative anonymous comment. My policy is that I don't have to do that, but I am here.

"Sold your soul to" is a lie. You are lying. I thought he could and would win. I was thinking about the Supreme Court and other ways that life could become more at peace for Christians in America (1 Tim 2:1-3).

Anyone who reads here knows that I rarely write a political post. It's a very low percentage. I haven't blasted away. You are saying my "ilk," and I don't know what you're talking about, it's so ambiguous.

I'm happy that you can see through him. You are free to bring a policy that you disagree with, something he's done with executive power that violates the Constitution. I don't read anything here so far.

Ken Lengel said...

Dear Anonymous,

First of all, Trump voters did not "sell their soul". They knew the tough medicine our country needed to swallow to improve. They are the only real grown ups in the room willing to admit it.

Second, it's funny how none of the "ones with brains", want to live by the results of the election but tried to coerce the same acceptance from Trump before the results occurred. (not to mention that you are insulting people who do have brains but don't agree with you!)

Therein is the problem. Liberals and progressives created a narrative, and when it crumbled, so did their followers. Liberals don't want to solve problems, they want to IMPOSE their will and narrative on the American people. I am tired of being told one's gender is fluid, because someone wants to deny reality. Take this logic to its obvious end, can you? If I told you I was King of the world, (denying reality), you would try to lock me up. Yet, "those with brains" try to convince us such insane ideas should be normalized and accepted.

Third, it's even more funny and revealing how you think the only people "with brains" are those that support just your narrative. I am truly independent of thought.(which is what liberal education used to be about) Liberal education now sells narratives instead of learning. Sounds like brainwashing to me.

That is the real point of the movement led by Trump. Many Americans are so tired of being told by liberal and progressive elites, (whether they are politicians, celebrities, sports figures, etc.) how we should want our country to be and what values we should hold. Trump supporters believe the Liberal and Progressive narrative is divisive, crude, intolerant, hateful, bigoted, ignorant, racist, and purely un-American.

You want democracy, but only on YOUR TERMS! If not, you want to riot, protest, destroying property and people in the process. Got news for you... The voters rejected that. That is NOT DEMOCRACY.

As for tantrums, they are exactly that. It's like what you tell a child when you won't buy a toy for them from a store, and they cry endlessly in an attempt to convince the parent to purchase it, and "buy" their obedience.

We've had enough of this type of culture, government intervention, and liberal and progressive nonsense. If you want to live out your narrative in your own mind, go right ahead. The rest of us have to live in reality, each day struggling to get by with those of you who want to ignore it.

Anonymous said...

So they open a marijuana shop 1 block from the church. Are. you planning on preaching there until you close it down? Why or why not?

Ken Lengel said...


If I had to preach EVERYWHERE man did things in this country that was unacceptable to my beliefs, I would have no time to serve the Lord, my church, my family, and my fellow laborers in Christ. Question is irrelevant straw man.


Josh Burkholder said...


This election season had revealed a lot of shallowness not only in the left leaning politicians but also in the progressive evangelicals. The whining and the tantrums are being heard in the Christian community by pastors and pseudo-fundamental bloggers is getting nauseating.

Where is moral outrage over Obama’s foreign policy that displaced many refugees? Where was the moral outrage when Obama signed practically the same executive order?

The Mexican President stated the very Words echoed in sinner’s heart, “There are no walls”. In other words, “there are no boundaries. There are no absolute standards.” This faulty bearing is why mainline evangelicals are off on their moorings.

The people that are morally outraged at bigotry against illegal immigrants for their civil liberties are silent on the “right to life” for a baby.

A temporary immigration ban is simple to understand. When I go to the store I lock my car, not because I am prejudice against all the people in the store, but because I want to protect my car from the potential bad guy in or around the store. Just to be sure, I double click the lock button when I am in the notorious part of town. Everyone does that. Why is that so hard to comprehend when it comes to our home, the United States of America?