Monday, September 12, 2016

A Handy Explanatory Guide for Hillary Clinton's Basket of Deplorables

A few nights ago, Hillary Clinton made what will be one of the more memorable statements in the 2016 United States presidential campaign:
You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic—you name it. And unfortunately there are people like that. And he has lifted them up.
She called half of those who support Donald Trump for president, "the basket of deplorables."  Then she listed what was in the basket: "the racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic."

What I want to do with this post is first to provide the progressive definition of each in Hillary Clinton's list, what is surely how they want everyone to understand what those words mean.  Her list is in many ways a one stop progressive shop of shame from a democrat view of the world.  I think it's worth having her list all in one place, and she has done that.

The first two in Hillary's list are well-known "ist" words that are mangled in their usage or application.  The last three are the now time-honored "phobias" invented to smear right thinking people.  After I finish giving the definitions, I'll provide what each in her list should really mean if actual, real-life definitions were being given to her political correctness. I'll end the post by explaining how one gets into the basket of deplorables.

Progressive Definitions of the Basket of Deplorables

Racist -- a white only person who says someone should not be judged by the color of his skin, but by the content of his character.

Sexist -- a man only who treats and talks to women like they are different than men.

Homophobic -- a person who believes the Bible is the Word of God, which says that homosexuality is sin and/or that marriage is only between a man and a woman.

Xenophobic -- an American white male only who (1) opposes illegal immigration, (2) desires the execution of immigration laws, (3) wants a wall built on the southern border of the United States to aid in stopping illegal immigration, and/or (4) believes certain cultures are superior to others.

Islamophobic -- a person who is suspicious of a person with a literal, strict interpretation of the Koran or who thinks that Islam causes terrorism or that Islamic terrorism comes from Muslims.

What Should Be the Definitions of the Basket of Deplorables

Racist -- anyone who judges someone only by the color of his skin.

Sexist -- anyone who believes and practices the inferiority in nature of an opposite gender.

Homophobic -- anyone who will practice any form of vigilante activity against a homosexual.

Xenophobic -- anyone who thinks he is superior to other people just because of his own nationality or region of a nation.

Islamophobic -- anyone who will not tolerate a Muslim person who is with complete certainty willing to shun and renounce all Muslim violence and in so doing not take the Koran literally.

How One Gets Into Hillary Clinton's Basket of Deplorables

Some people are actually racist.  There are male chauvinists.  There are those who wish to circumvent the law to do bodily harm to homosexuals.  There are some who would destroy an entire other nation of people if it would provide a better lifestyle for themselves.  There are some who actually do want to use physical coercion to change others' religion.

I'm quite sure that most of the people Hillary calls racist are white men who would vote for Thomas Sowell or Walter Williams or Larry Elder, all black men, if any one of them were running for president.  If Booker T. Washington or George Washington Carver were still alive, they would gladly see one of them as president.  If Ben Carson had won the republican nomination, they would vote for him.  They're still racist because they don't support racial preference -- ironic, but Hillary, the supposed non-racist, believes in racial preference, giving preference to someone merely based upon the color of his skin.

Many of those whom Hillary calls sexist are men who believe that God designed women equal in nature, but different in role.  They still believe in male headship, that the man is the head of the home. They also don't think women should be able to have it both ways, that is, a woman should be considered to be equal with men, but given a special set of unique rules for how men must treat them in contrast to how they they treat other men.  Bill Clinton is judged by different standards.  He has not been deplorable, even though he practiced actual sexist behavior.

Hillary calls homophobic those who take a grammatical-historical interpretation of the Bible.  They can't accept homosexuality, because the Bible doesn't accept it.  They will serve homosexuals in their restaurant, but they don't want to make their wedding cake or photograph their "wedding."  They are homophobic because they won't acknowledge same-sex marriage against natural law and biblical convictions.  Hillary deplores Bible believers and encourages others to deplore them.

You are xenophobic to Hillary Clinton if you don't support sanctuary cities or if you don't support a pardon for illegal immigrants, providing them amnesty especially if they sneaked into the country in violation of United States federal law, passed by elected representatives.  If you think the United States should still be a melting pot, because of its superior culture, Hillary considers you xenophobic and a deplorable human being.

Hillary Clinton will call you Islamophobic if you call to profile those from Muslim countries as worthy of special attention by border officials.  If you reject Muslim refugees from terrorist countries, you are Islamophobic.  If you expect American Muslims to reject sharia law, you are Islamophobic to Hillary Clinton.

For Hillary Clinton, if you say the truth about race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, and Islam, you are deplorable.  The only way to stay out of her basket is to lie about each one of her categories.

I have watched a little coverage at realclearpolitics about Hillary's gaffe or what some pundits are calling something she thinks will help her win the election.  They defend Hillary's statement by saying that it is true.  Romney's 47% statement was true.  Hillary's defenders support her with two common beliefs among Republican voters.  They see as racist someone who still questions the natural born birth of President Obama, and a percentage still do.  There has always been something fishy and odd about how President Obama's administration and the media has covered up certain of his records. It took a long time to produce his birth certificate.  It's not that his dad is African.  That doesn't change whether he was born here or not. It's a matter if he is a natural born citizen, one of the qualifications listed in the United States Constitution for the president of the United States.

The other "evidence" given that half of Trump's supporters are deplorable is the percentage of Republicans who still believe Obama is Muslim.  Obama's father is Muslim and Obama was educated in a Muslim school in Indonesia.  His regular defense of Islam, while also trashing the history of the United States, results in people suspecting him of being at least sympathetic to Islam.

I've never understood how questioning a birth certificate is racist.  It's a constitutional issue that is easily cleared up.  When people questioned the legitimacy of Ted Cruz's birthplace, no one said that was racist.  People have some basis for suspecting President Obama at least favors Islam to all other religions.  I think he's secular enough to reject the Muslim appellation.  The Christianity that his pastor, Jeremiah Wright, preached is bad enough.  If someone says, he's not Muslim, but he chose Jeremiah Wright as his pastor, that shouldn't help his popularity.

Many of whom Hillary Clinton calls deplorable really are pretty normal people.


Kent Brandenburg said...

Anyone reading,

Regarding the basket of deplorables, the Republican elite agree with Hillary, which is the main reason they won't vote for Trump. If you don't think so, look at the dripping condescension of Jennifer Rubin and Bret Stephens in the following debate. It made me sick to watch. Talk about total deception on the right, which will be putting the most wicked person in the presidency by far in the history of the United States.

It will take a lot of time, so do something else while you listen or watch.

Republicans think those voting for Trump are deplorable. If everyone voting for Hillary is deplorable and everyone voting for Trump is some kind of deplorable, who is left as not deplorable?

Kent Brandenburg said...

By the way, Bret Stephens talks about Trump voters worse than Hillary, and he is certainly a Republican elite. He so totally doesn't get it, that it is very informative for those wondering.

Kent Brandenburg said...

These are a lot of comments on my own post, but what I'm watching is related to it, this debate at Intellectual Squared.

It is said that people out there at Trump rallies, who like Trump, think their bad situation is because of immigration and because of free trade. The best side of the two in the debate, said, "Yes." I don't think it's true.

The bad side, Rubin and Stephens, say that the Trump voters are hateful, and they are voting based upon hatred.