Friday, August 26, 2016

Creationist and Jesus-Mythicist Videos, and a Blog for Women

Do you want a good resource for someone who thinks evolution is what all intelligent people believe in?  Have you ever run into someone who says Jesus Christ did not exist, but was a myth (a Jesus mythicist)? 

A Great Creationist Video

I am very pleased to let you know about Behind the MRI: The Testimony of Dr. Raymond Damadian, inventor of the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scanner.  In my experience, the most effective argument for evolution, by far, is "If you don't believe in evolution, you are incredibly ignorant."  I understand this argument, for that is where I was as an unconverted youth.  I thought that anyone who did not believe in evolution must have the intellect of a thimble.  Of course, there are huge numbers of scientists that reject Darwinian evolution, since the facts of science do not establish evolution, and many scientists who accept the Biblical account of creation, as it is the best explanation of the facts and is, of course, established by the testimony of the Creator Himself, the only One who was present at the creation.  Many people do not like to read, however, but will watch a video to take a brief break from their endless texts and tweets (LOL!).  Indeed, in our church there is a couple who came to Christ in significant part through watching creationist videos--often watching them while smoking marijuana, amazingly enough!  (Now that they are saved, they don't smoke pot anymore--not even for medical purposes ... in case you were wondering.  Also, for any potheads reading this post, please do not get high while watching the video.)  In any case, Behind the MRI gives the testimony of the scientist who invented the MRI.  It would be very difficult to argue that such a person as Dr. Damadian--one who won many awards for his scientific work, and who would have received the Nobel Prize had he been an evolutionist instead of an outspoken creationist Christian--is not intelligent.  Within a very professionally produced thirty minutes (not too long to lose the attention span of many, but not too short to have no content--actually, the content that the video manages to pack into those thirty minutes is excellent), the video discusses the nature of the MRI, interviews Dr. Damadian, so that watchers here some sound arguments against evolution and for creation from such a world-class scientist, and then proceeds to give a good gospel presentation that, unlike so many, both clearly explains the substitutionary work of Christ and includes repentance (Luke 13:3).  Furthermore, the video is free and may be shared with any lost person, Christian, secular college or high school campus ministry, church group, or with any other body that is willing to watch it.  I would encourage readers of What is Truth? to watch the video themselves, share it with their churches, and share it with lost people biased against Jesus Christ because of their unbiblical and unscientific belief in evolution.  Watch Behind the MRI today by clicking here

A Powerful Video Refutation of Jesus Mythicism in a Debate

James White, the Reformed Baptist apologist, is an excellent debater.  While I wish he would do as good a job dealing with Biblically-based King James Onlyism/perfect preservationism (which he strongly opposes, despite claiming to follow the 1689 Baptist Confession, in which he is very inconsistent; see the video here on Baptist confessions and preservation or the essay on Baptist confessions and preservation here) as he does with, say, Roman Catholicism or Mormonism, he can do a great job dealing with atheists.  (I would love to debate White myself on the topic:  "The Biblical doctrine of preservation is consistent with the Greek New Testament text underneath most modern English Bible versions," where he would be in the affirmative and I would be in the negative.  If you are able to arrange such a debate, please contact me and we will, Lord willing, get it going.)  In the debate video "Was Jesus a Myth?" James White utterly destroys Dan Barker, President of the Freedom From Religion Foundation (the largest atheist organization in the United States).  Dan Barker argues in his books and in the debate that the Lord Jesus never even existed, but was a figure copied from pagan mythology.  James White utterly destroys Barker's argument.  Since both Barker and White have equal time, and Barker is such a prominent atheist (his books are endorsed by people like Richard Dawkins), people influenced by Dan Barker's brand of militant atheism should be willing to watch the debate, and have their atheist hero melt before their eyes.  The debate is definitely worth watching.  This fact is, of course, by no means a recommendation of everything James White teaches, and things from his TULIP Calvinism, his universal church ecclesiology, his soft spot for Reformed false gospel-peddlers like Douglas Wilson, his very worldly music, and so on, are extremely dangerous errors.  Dealing with Barker's Jesus mythicism, however, White does a fantastic job. Note also the "Comments on the Barker-White debate" below the video.

May these videos be a blessing.  Please feel free to provide any related comments or questions in the comment section below.

A Blog for Women

My wife has a blog called Reflections on Eternity which is designed for Christian women.  It might be edifying to women in your church; feel free to check it out.

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