Friday, December 11, 2015

Baptist Confessions and the Preservation of Scripture: A Video

I have relatively recently posted a video on the subject of Baptist Confessions and the preservation of Scripture.  The video, which is largely based on my essay The Canonicity of the Received Bible Established from Reformation and Post-Reformation Baptist Confessions, available by clicking here, demonstrates that true churches have recognized and received as canonical the words in the Textus Receptus underlying the Authorized, King James Version.  Biblical presuppositions on the preservation of Scripture (the subject of the video here, which was relatively recently mentioned on this blog) consequently require that the TR/KJV is the Word of God.  Confessions examined include the Anabpatist Schleitheim Confession of 1527, the Particular Baptist Confession of Faith of 1644, the General Baptist Standard Confession of 1660, the General Baptist Orthodox Creed of 1679, the Particular Baptist Second London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689, the New Hampshire Confession of Faith of 1833, the Articles of Faith of the Baptist Bible Union of America of 1923, and numbers of others.  Use the link below to watch the video, and use the comment section on this blog post to discuss it.

Watch or download the video by clicking here.

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