Friday, August 07, 2015

Cut Church Building Program Costs by Thousands of Dollars and, as an Individual, Save Large Sums; or as a Business, Increase Your Profit Margin

I intend to respond to James White's attacks myself also, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.  Stay tuned.  Below is what I had earlier prepared--may it be a blessing.

Our church has recently expanded our building, and we have saved large sums of money without changing anything we are buying.  I as an individual have also done the same, and so have a lot of other people in our church.  How?  The answer is buying discount gift cards.  You can save 5%, 10%, or even 20% or more on major merchants.  In our church building project, we purchased a lot of stuff from Home Depot.  You can frequently get Home Depot gift cards at around a 10% discount, so on $10,000 worth of purchases, the church saves $1,000. Individuals can save money in the same way on merchants from Walmart to Target to Ace Hardware to the Cheesecake Factory.  (You can even save more if you initiate your purchase over the Internet; find out how by clicking here.)

A goodly number of companies buy gift cards at a discount and then resell them.  (By the way, you can also sell gift cards you do not want to these companies.)  Companies such as Gift Card Rescue, Cardpool, and Raise are examples.  You can purchase gift cards from them at up to 30% off the retail price or more, and sell them gift cards that you are not using and are not going to use for up to c. 90% of the face value. They generally offer free shipping on gift cards and a guarantee that the gift cards are indeed worth their face value.  Is there a catch?  I do not believe that there is.  Basically all these companies do is serve as the middle-man between people who have gift cards they do not want and those who do want them.  I would be delighted if your church saves large amounts of money and is able to redirect those funds into the ministry, and would also be happy if you as a person are able to do the same thing.  For more information or to get started, click here.

Finally, you can get c. 4% off the purchase price of anything you can get with an American Express card; find out how by clicking here.  You can use American Express in connection with the discounted gift card purchases mentioned above, and so get an extra few percentage points off your purchase.  However, this is not the main point of this post;  the main point is the ability to purchase gift cards at a discount, which is described in more depth here.

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KJB1611 said...

If you have done this before and have any testimonies about it, feel free to reproduce them below. It has definitely been a blessing for me personally and for my church.