Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Family Pictures

I'm going to continue my series on church growth.  I had an outline, and I think it will be three posts total.  I'm going to write one on evangelism in the near future.  I've got a post I'd like to write, entitled, American Idol, which will reveal what I think is the biggest idol in America.  I'm going to write a post that shows a video of a talk between a well-known atheist and theist, just a short little interview.  I'm going to break down the questions and the answers here.  I've got all that coming, but I can't get to it right at the moment.  It's possible I'll post later today or tomorrow, but maybe not, because Thomas Ross's post will come Friday, nonetheless.

I thought I would post these pictures anyway from the photographic shoot done by my oldest daughter on her new camera.  They are both funny ones.

The first is just crazy.

The second one.  They like their brother.

They do, but not that much.


Thomas Ross said...

Dear Pastor Brandenburg,

The first picture reminded me of your blog description. Perhaps you should put the two together:

I got lots of learnin when I was in cemetery. I also gots books I try to read. I has preecht throo most of the books of the Bible spositorally. I is marreed and has 4 youngins---3 is gurlz. Me am indipendint Babtist. Pleeez reed my blog.

Then again, someone actually emailed me a while ago because he took your blog description as a serious statement – so maybe putting the two together would not be a great idea.

All me kan sez is ",Me am indipendint Babtist two".

Michael Alford said...

Yeah that first picture pretty much sums up every family picture we've ever taken. My oldest will be staring off with a mild look of disgruntledness, my 10 year old will be doing his best ninja impersonation, my daughter will be glowing and my 6 year old will be happily picking his nose. Ah well.