Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Delusional Disconnect and Legitimate Demonstration

The French supported the American revolution.  Then most Americans started supporting the French revolution, until they were revolted by what took awhile to hear across the Atlantic.  The American revolution proceeded from Great Awakening and its resultant natural rights.  The French Revolution was spawned by dead religion and consequential paganism.  We see the French model unfolding and usurping now in America.

After several months of waiting to hear the testimony and evidence in the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, MO, officer Darren Wilson is not indicted of any charges.  You know what happens next. I don't need to describe it, except to add that my daughter was driving back from class and highway 580 here was blocked by protesters in Oakland, and everyone, including her, had to leave the interstate and drive through that city in order to get home.  Via phone, I led her an alternate route to make it back to us a couple of anxious hours later than normal.  Hundreds of people just stood out on a federal highway to make a statement about the Michael Brown verdict.  I do get it.  People aren't happy.

I would rather not repeat what you can read dozens of places elsewhere about government and politicians.  I know that Jesus did not come to change social structure.   From my perch as a premillennialist, we're living for a future kingdom, expecting the Lord to clean up this mess. Christians with a biblical worldview will know in the present what to do too.  They will understand how scripture applies to given situations today and influence others as salt and light.  In the meantime, it is about the gospel, which is the power of God unto salvation.

What I see from many government leaders and political pundits is a delusional disconnect, relating to apostasy and being turned over to a reprobate mind (Rom 1).  The only other options, as I see it, are psychosomatic illness or demon possession.  You might think I'm joking, but those are the only other possibilities.  The symptoms are very similar for all three.  Their vain imaginations exalt themselves against the knowledge of God and have for a long time.

No one in his right mind blames the police officer in Ferguson.  Much could be blamed in the "system," but it wasn't him.  Someone robbed a convenience store of some cigarillos with threat of imminent bodily injury (see here at 1:15 and following).  Someone walking down the middle of a street was asked by an officer to move to a sidewalk and answered with an expletive.  The officer saw him with cigarillos in his hand.  When the officer tried to open his car door, someone slammed it shut on him.  When the officer tried to open the door again, someone hit him in the face.  Someone hit him in the face several times.  When the officer pulled his gun, someone grabbed it and there was a fight that resulted in two shots discharging in the car.  Someone stopped and turned around to face the officer, and at two instances, when he told him to get on the ground, he just kept moving toward the officer.  Then he began charging the officer.  Someone wasn't a victim.

You are not a victim when you have done all the things someone in the previous paragraph did.   If Michael Brown were a victim, he was not a victim of the police officer, but a broken family, city, country, and culture.   He was a victim of the fall, of his own depraved sinful nature, the false teachers in his life, those who would not restrain him.  If anyone led him to his death, it was the people who claimed to have supported him and his family, who represent the entire conniving, charlatan entity that told him the lies that he believed.  If he was a victim, he was a victim of those who are now lying that he raised his hands in surrender and was gunned down like an animal in the street.  Satan is a liar and the father of lies.  Al Sharpton calls him a victim, but he was more a victim of Al Sharpton than he was Darren Wilson or the prosecutor in the case.

The Attorney General of the United States said today:

It is clear, I think, that acts of violence threaten to drown out those who have legitimate voices, legitimate demonstrators and those acts of violence cannot and will not be condoned.

That statement represents a deluded mindset.  The acts of violence are wrong.  They should not be tolerated.  Only the delusional condone them.  Someone vain in his imagination sees acts of violence as a threat to legitimate demonstration.  These legitimate demonstrators, these voices, are demonstrating what?  They demonstrate the moral bankruptcy that exists in the country.  They demonstrate the political pandering.  An entire culture has been legitimized by fawning leaders, who will not tell the truth, because they cannot tell the truth.  They are willing to sink a multitude of people for a small slice of support that will keep them in power.

Even more sad are the churches that have pandered in the name of racial reconciliation.  They legitimize the demonstrators by ignoring the real problem.  The continue to distract from a solution with their bread and circuses.  As a result, they have corrupted the gospel, a pure message of repentance and reconciliation, for a placebo.

Count on more Ferguson in the future, because we live in a country and a world that doesn't even know what the problem is, let alone the solution.


As in most articles by those other than separatist, independent Baptists, I put a disclaimer, even though there is nothing wrong that I can see, and a lot of good with this article by Voddie Baucham.

Here is another one worth reading.

If you go to the latest (that I know of) crime statistics with the FBI and their homicide records, you can see how it breaks down by race (here and here).  Does it matter?  You can see the true narrative in the official record.  For instance, in 2012, 193 black people were killed by white people, and 431 white people were killed by black people, more than double that black people are killed by whites.  2,412 black people were killed by black people.  13.2% of Americans are black and 77.7% are white, which also skews the percentages more.  There is a true narrative here that is unrelated to emotion. It's just the facts, and it tells a different story than what we are being told by the media.  I don't think it should affect our approach to another race.


Anonymous said...

Amen, brother! Well said.

Kent Brandenburg said...

Thanks Michael.

horace said...

The relative success of the American as opposed to the French Revolution had little to do with the occurrence of a Great Awakening as opposed to the simple fact that the American colonists and their English motherland had a far longer tradition of constitutional governance. Not to mention that the French Revolution continued to be supported by a good chunk of the American public (ie the Democratic-Republicans including Thomas Jefferson).

You claim Jesus didn't come to change social structure implying of course that Christians shouldn't worry about those matters too much, but when conservative preachers say this they seem to selectively (and rather conveniently) apply it to only "liberal" causes such as fighting structural racism or economic inequality. Its not applicable for abortion or gay marriage or complaining about "persecution" of Christians in the United States (while conveniently ignoring the actual persecution of Christians in the Middle East set off by the Iraq War...at least while the President had a (R) after his name). I'm rather curious what you refer to in your fourth paragraph-what is this "delusional disconnect" that is evidence of a "reprobate mind" if not "illness or demon posession"?

You give a good summary of Officer Wilson's account of the events, but the problem of course is that its disputed. Lastly, while there is much that is objectionable in certain elements of urban modern black culture that goes for other cultures as well-including white Southern culture with its "good ol' boyism", celebration of violence, and etc.

Kent Brandenburg said...

Hi Horace,

But the colonists revolted against England. I'd say it was the difference between a Methodist "revival" not built on a true gospel in England and an actual burst of exponential conversions proceeding from a true work of God. The Democratic Republicans stopped supporting the French Revolution once they started hearing the details.

I write this type of post very seldom. You seem to like it when I do. The Bible is total truth, so it applies to everything, so we Christians have something to say about everything, and should. I believe true Christians care about racism and economic equality. In this post, I think I intimate that point.

The disconnect is explained in the post -- seeing Brown as a victim of the police officer. Everyone knows Brown was a criminal in the process of a crime, that he resisted arrest. The forensic and eyewitness evidence support that. I'm not saying there wasn't testimony disputing the forensic evidence, but only one account can be correct and it must be supported by the forensics. That dispute of the evidence is part of the delusion. They feel justified in ignoring it for an account they prefer.

All culture should be judged and we should cling to that which is true and good and beautiful, and eject the rest.

horace said...

Thank you for responding.

I agree the statement on the French Revolution should be qualified-Jefferson and others supported the Revolution until the Terror occurred under Robespierre. However, I'm curious what you mean by "But the colonists revolted against England"-are you saying it was the true conversions of the First Great Awakening that caused it as opposed to the Methodist revival in England

I don't comment on the theological posts mostly because I don't feel at all qualified to make statements upon it besides one of simple agreement or disagreement. My main criticism to me is that while lots of people would say they would condemn both criminality and racism, both the bad elements of black culture and white culture, it is usually the former that gets emphasized and talked about in-depth. Of course, in some cases, its the reverse with some liberals.

Anonymous said...

"... it is usually the former that gets emphasized and talked about in-depth"

The reasons should be apparently obvious to anyone that knows what has been going on in the last 30 years as to why that is true.