Monday, October 06, 2014

Ebola: Government Failure Stems from a Shift in Worldview

Many of you can list the crisis or scandals now of the present presidential administration.  Let's start with a focus on the recent Liberian man who brought ebola to Texas.  The defense of supporters relates to the minimal number who could die, so we shouldn't be afraid.  Unless you are the one dying or exposed, that's not the issue.  The issue is what is being called incompetence, but could incompetence trickle down so far that it arrives at a hospital in Texas?

Thomas Eric Duncan traveled to Dallas from Liberia more than a week ago after catching ebola in Liberia.  About 50 people now are being monitored who may have come into contact with him after he started showing symptoms.  Duncan visited the emergency room of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital on September 25 with a low-grade fever and complained of abdominal pain. Although he disclosed to a nurse he had traveled from Liberia, he was still released with antibiotics rather than being placed into an isolation ward.

Ebola was maybe as big as it could get in the news with talk about the spread to the U. S. happening all the time.  How does a known recent arrival from West Africa and with a fever get released back to the general public?  We've reached a worldview tipping point.  Awash in moral relativism, an instinct of toleration prevails, indecision and inability to decide right or wrong.  It is bound to look incompetent, but it is a derangement proceeding from the elimination of absolute truth and goodness.

We bail corrupt big banks and business.  We open our borders to illegal immigrants.  Barely a reaction for the genocidal abortion doctor, Kermit Gosnell -- abortion isn't a necessary evil; it's great. The end justifies the means.  The IRS targets conservatives and eliminates the evidence by destroying government computers and smart phones.  An American ambassador is left hanging out to dry in Benghazi.

You should expect more crisis and scandal.  Man is either a material-chemical machine or risen from a common ancestor with all the other animals.   Right and wrong don't exist.  Churches reduce truth to a lowest common denominator for the sake of unity.  More false doctrine and practice becomes accepted.  Good is evil and evil is good.

Is it incompetence?  It might look that way to some.  Immorality yields the incompetence of third world countries.  We're headed that way and in some ways, we're already there.

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