Friday, March 21, 2014

Learn Hebrew Online-An Update

Dear brethren,

The first class lectures for Biblical Hebrew will take place on Saturday, April 5, from 8 -11 am, Central Standard Time. Class will be held every second Saturday (that is, every two weeks). It is possible to take the class without watching the lectures live. The cost for the three-credit course (1st semester)  will be $150. The class can be audited for $75. The class lectures will be posted on the Internet and can be viewed online for free, but only those registered for the course will be able to ask questions, engage in classroom interaction, take tests, etc. Scholarships for those who are genuinely unable to afford it (e. g., some who wish to learn Hebrew in very impoverished countries in Africa) are available. To register for the course, contact Mukwonago Baptist Church.   More information is also found here. The second semester will follow, Lord willing, after the first semester credit hours are completed. I would encourage you to pray seriously about this special opportunity.  If you are going to take the course, please both register and order the textbooks soon, so that we have a good grasp of who is going to be taking the class and so that you will have the required books for the first day. You can find out about the course schedule, get the textbooks, register and pay for the course, etc. at:

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