Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Poem by David Warner

Here is a poem just recently written by David Warner from our church.  He regularly writes poems in honor and worship of God, according to the Word of God.  We are encouraging our students to write poetry and music for the Lord.  Tell me what you think.


Thus He speaks, the Maker of the earth,
“Produce your cause, strong reasons bring.
Can your idols flood a desert’s dearth
With blossoms sweet and water springs?

“Can they speak a million days before
And do as I have prophesied?
Nay, for they are empty lies and lore
Of men whose hearts are filled with pride.”

O the charge that clay will lay on God!
The Potter says, “Your idols rust.
Burn the residue upon the sod,
And let Me be your life-long trust.”

Shall He give His glory to a stock
Which man will carve with his own hand?
Should He share His workings with a rock
When He alone divided sea and land?

Thus the LORD has said, “I am the LORD,
Who bridles earth to rest My feet,
As I sit upon the heaven’s shore,
From which I guide the starry fleet.

“Who but I designs a seed to sprout
Into a dainty flower bloom,
Or subjects a storm that roams about
To play whatever role of gloom?”

Roam the earth.  There is none else but Him
The Holy One of Israel,
Who commands the brutes of darkness swim
Beneath the sea and schooner’s sail.

Scan the space.  The everlasting God,
Yea, only He, the LORD of hosts,
Built the sun and moon to course the flood
Of stars, mere advocates at most.

Search the gods, which cannot speak nor hear.
None else but God almighty saves
In the worst of tempest’s mad career
And from the deadest crypt of graves.

Can those gods forgive and then record
Repentant faith for righteousness?
Only God, the everlasting LORD,
Can blot out man’s unrighteousness.


d4v34x said...

There are some nice moments in here.

. . . the LORD of hosts,
Built the sun and moon to course the flood
Of stars . . .

is one such.

I'll try to get an email together with some further thoughts.

Anonymous said...

It is a beautiful poem, and I can see the Scriptural truths throughout it. I enjoyed reading it!