Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Proving the Music Issue in the Worship War: Is there Holy Hip Hop? pt. 3

This will be short lived, but I wanted to offer some links of rebuttals to those demanding the heads of rap rejecters on a platter.

I don't know the man, but D. G. Hart -- Very good here.  I too liked the comment of one in the comment section asking why "gospel" is being used as an adjective, a way that no one can understand it.  It's true and refreshing.  From my reading, when someone says "gospel" as an adjective, he basically is using it as a get-out-of-jail-free-card.  Jesus saved me so I get to act awful, but still know that I'm covered by the gospel -- what a deal!  It misrepresents the gospel.  It's like the old "fine food" signs.  Usually if you said "fine," it wasn't.

Again, I don't know the man who calls himself the opinionated layman, but this is good.

Pastor Chad Ashby writes some good things.

Rajesh Ghandi says some good words on the racial aspect of this.

Here's another one, added after this writing, that is also very good.

Good stuff by Mark Snoeberger.

Mark Ward writes a good one here.

Scott Aniol, who is one of the panelists, is answering questions at his blog.  He's also starting up a debate with Shae Linne, a reformed rapper.  In the post to which I linked, we get the links to Scott's series on rap that he has written in the past.

A nagging question:  what is the point of the long dreadlocks, well over the ears and sometimes to the shoulders, of these "Christian rappers"?  I have a lot of other questions, but after seeing this dreadlock look of a couple of them, I wondered.

This isn't going to be at the top long, because I do want to finish my short synopsis of arguments against Christian rap.

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