Saturday, November 09, 2013


All the sessions from Wednesday night to Saturday morning are already available in audio at the Word of Truth website (click here).  There is the capacity to download and to play the audio right at the site.

The three morning sessions that relate to the theme of the conference are the following:

Soulwinning Versus Salesmanship (first half, second half, part three) -- Bobby Mitchell

Faith Versus Science (first half, second half) -- David Sutton

Affections Versus Passions (first half, second half) -- Kent Brandenburg

We now have the Sunday sessions online too.  Many might be interested in the Panel Discussion, which answers questions spontaneously about the topics of the morning sessions with Pastors Bobby Mitchell, David Sutton, and Kent Brandenburg.



David said...

Bro. Brandenburg,
I would love to get some input on something you touched on at the beginning of your session on Affections vs. Passions. In a discussion with Jehovah's Witnesses, a discussion of what occurs after death resulted in my statement that we are unlike animals for we have an eternal soul. The man then said that animals are living souls, too, based on the Bible. I went home and saw that the same Hebrew word for soul is also used to refer to life in general, which is used in reference to animals in Genesis.

While I believe other parts in the Bible make it clear that we are different from animals and that we have an eternal aspect that when we die, we go on, I would love to have some guidance on what terminology we should use to be biblical and accurate. Do we use the word "spirit" instead? Also, if "soul" means life, why have I always heard "mind, emotion, will"? Thanks for any help in this.

KJB1611 said...

Dear David,

The distinguishing feature of man in contrast with the animals is not the use of the word "soul," for the use of the word "spirit," but the image of God. The Greek and Hebrew word for "soul" is indeed used for the animals. However, since man is in the image of God, he is different in that he has an eternal soul, while the soul of animals is not eternal.

The resources here:

may be of further help.

KJB1611 said...

I hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure under which article to leave this comment. I'm not even really wanting it to be posted--just wanted to contact you. I know you left "fundamentalism" a while back. I guess I'm still struggling with it all...the recent concern is the week long chapel series that BJU had on homosexuality/SSA. I am curious, if you think it is important enough, to get your opinion on their current views on the topic. I don't know if I'm imagining things, but the language, terminology, the scriptural interpretation, and the application seems to have drifted. I'm trying to be gracious and trusting, but some of it...Anyway, you can hear the messages at

Thanks again for your ministry.

Anonymous said...

The chapel series is now available on Sermon Audio.

Anonymous said...

I don't see the Friday Q & A on Sermon Audio. That is still available at other sites.