Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Absence of Shame in This Country

Is anyone out there, like me, unhappy about the way sodomy and sodomites are being treated in this country?  Do you like that it has become of an exalted status actually to call yourself a homosexual?  People are acting like homosexual marriage is just matter of fact, nothing new, of course acceptable.  What has occurred, as they tell us, is that people just weren't smart enough or scientific enough to realize that sodomite marriages really were always normal.  In 1996 when 84 U. S. senators voted for the Defense of Marriage act, to define marriage on a federal level as only between a man and a woman, that was either because of animus, a fancy legal term for hatefully hurtful to others, malicious, or they were just stupid.  Those are the two choices.  And then before that, when you would have had 100 senators vote for it, 100 years ago, those people were really, really ignorant of this social issue.  It wouldn't even come to a vote, because it would be a joke to even think about it.  This is supposed to be a very light thing to throw away biblical beliefs, a Judeo Christian culture.  The people being shamed are the people who are believing on this like the so-called "greatest generation," those people would have believed.  They are hateful or stupid, two choices.  No shame for the sodomites, but shame for anyone who doesn't think they should get everything that they want.  This is amazing to me.

I watched some RCP video clips while eating lunch, and I see Bill O'Reilly say that the compelling argument in the same-sex argument is on the homosexual side.  Why?  Americans, Bill O'Reilly, speaking for the "folks," says just want to be treated like everybody else.  That's what it is to be an American, people to be treated like everyone else.  Does he really believe that?  Of course not.  He doesn't think everyone should be treated the same way.  Not everyone.  Child pornographers shouldn't.  Thieves shouldn't.  Polygamists shouldn't.  The "compelling" argument is that sodomites want to be treated like everyone else.  On the other hand, O'Reilly says that the argument against is just Bible thumping.  Going to the Bible is shameful, to O'Reilly, but saying, "I just want to be treated like everyone else," that's compelling.  Anyone of you compelled by that?

Sodomites wanting to marry is like your toddler wanting the sugar cereal every time he goes to the grocery store.  He wants the cereal.  You say, "no," and he doesn't like it.  He's sad.  You feel bad.  You give it to him.  No, you hold strong and you don't give it to him, because it isn't right.  We can judge right and wrong.  Not everyone gets what they want.  Sodomy once got imprisonment.  People believed it was wrong.  Why?  Because our laws are based upon the Bible.  We think that some things are wrong.  How do we judge whether these things are wrong?  We use a standard, an objective standard, the Bible.  That is Bible thumping.

We can use another standard, natural law, or common sense.  That will work too.  Sodomites can't reproduce.  They're behavior is against nature, i.e., they haven't been plumbed that way.  The female goes with the male and the male with the female.  Just because that's simple doesn't mean it's stupid.  There's a reason those terms are used in plumbing.   Having a "mom" and "dad" the same sex are not good for children.  They say the studies are inconclusive so far.  All of these are common sense, natural law.  We've made decisions based on those things, or using the Bible in the past, and you weren't stupid or had some phobia if you thought that way.  Now you are said to be the stupid one.

When you see these pictures outside of the Supreme Court building, and you see the normal couple, man and woman -- they look normal.  You see the sodomite couple, and they look like weirdos.  That's not a problem with you.  Don't feel like it's a problem with you.  They're weirdos. That's not fear.  It isn't a phobia.  It isn't a psychological problem.  They're weirdos.  The only people who don't see them as weird are also weirdos -- maybe less weird, but still weird.  Because the country is trying to make weirdness normal, the country is going weird.  Very weird.  I'm writing this to encourage and as well for commiseration.  I don't care what anyone says about it.  I don't care how "cool" they are with homosexuals.  I don't care if they know some homosexual, who is cool.   "He's, ya know, just like everyone else, and even nicer than heterosexuals, I know." I'm not saying that a homosexual can't do anything right.  I know some myself.  I live essentially in the capital for homosexuality.  I know them.  I'm nice to them.  People should be nice to people.  But I think they're weird.  I'd be glad to talk about how weird their lives are. They are strange.  Not one that I've ever met is normal.  Before I ever find out they're homosexual, I already know something's wrong.  Accepting weird has become normal, and that's what's weird.

One of the reasons, I know, that some don't want to deal with the homosexuals, is because they are afraid of them.  They will key your car.  They will hurt you.  They will spit on you.  They will curse at you.  They will hurt your possessions.  They will try to make life miserable for you.  Everyone knows that.  If there is a phobia, that's it.  You don't want to have to deal with how they will deal with you.  To avoid that, you keep quiet.  No one should be mean to them.  But I refuse to keep quiet on what I think of the sin.  It is sin.  It's evil.  It's wicked.  It's perverse.  I don't think I'm obligated now to tell you how bad fornication and adultery and divorce and incest are.

I read both transcripts of the oral arguments in the Supreme Court.  It amazes me how much men have to tip toe with this to act like it's normal.  I know that half of them don't think it is normal.  They do say things that clue you into this.  Clarence Thomas says nothing, but I'm quite sure he thinks that homosexuals are perverse.  One of the clues is the mention of political power used to change public opinion.  Roberts at least said that.  I also think it is obvious that a few of the justices are looking for ways to hold back the floodgates.  They think it is inevitable that people will just accept the behavior, so they are looking at the legal ways to slow it down.  I get that reaction.  They think that by acting like it is abhorrent will somehow backlash on them.  It will drive things the wrong direction.  That's where the power is today.

For instance, no one is going to make an anti-homosexual movie today.  No one.  But many, many will produce movies that make people look evil for being anti-homosexuality.  Many.  And if it has even a tiny bit of production value, it will be looked at for an award.  This is in fact where bullying is at today.  Bullying is what is occurring to the opposition of homosexuality.  If an actor or actress came out and publically called it a perversion, their career would be over.  If you say you love it, that you want it, and promote it, it is a career enhancer.  Tell me if I'm wrong. This is where we are at.  And yet evangelicals are the biggest movie goers in the country.  Do you see what's happening?

Alright, I'm done venting for the time being.

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Anonymous said...

The images of the gays outside the Supreme Court somehow remind me of images of the "men" pounding on Lot's door......