Monday, November 05, 2012

We're Going to Get What We Deserve

The Constitution of the United States starts with "We the people."  We live in a country of the people, by the people, and for the people, so whoever wins tomorrow in the presidential election will be by the people of the United States.  I wish I could report differently to you that the people of the United States abhor abortion and homosexuality and class warfare that they without doubt will not vote for President Barack Obama tomorrow, but I don't know.  I think Romney is going to win, but that I'm not sure indicates something very bad on its own.

Late in the campaign, Mother Jones's David Corn revealed a talk that Governor Mitt Romney gave to some donors in a fundraiser, covertly recorded on a cell phone, in which he said that 47% of Americans cannot be persuaded by his lower tax argument because they are not paying federal income tax.  His words were used by the major networks and Democrats to smear Romney as not caring about 47% of the people, as you know.  It wasn't a surprise that they demogogued the issues.  However, what Romney said, I believe, was true, and it is something I've been saying for awhile.  The nature of politics today is that you get into the most trouble when you say what you really think out loud and in public, like with Obama with his "you didn't build that" comment.  The Democrats begin every election with a coalition of special interests that almost guarantees a certain number of votes at least somewhat close to that 47%.  I think that it is possible in almost perfect conditions for an anti-abortion Republican to make that around 45% that Democrats are guaranteed.  I don't know that it could get any lower unless there was a very popular, liberal third party candidate that took some of the 45% away from the Democrat.

What am I talking about?

The Democrats by nature get the homosexual vote, which Gallup tells us is 3.6% of the country, but you also have the pro-homosexual vote, which includes Hollywood types that will make this their priority issue.  

The Democrats get 95% of the black vote (not because of race, because that can't be true, as you know).   Only 40% of blacks support homosexual marriage, when 65% of Democrats support it, but as Van Jones said during this election season, "if President Obama came out as gay, he wouldn't lose the black vote."  That will help you understand the litmus test there.

The Democrats get the traditional feminist vote, the ladies who demand equal pay with men, who basically hate men and want to become the power in this country.

The Democrats get the illegal immigration support vote, which includes at least 70% of Hispanics, many of which who are dedicated Catholics, who couldn't care less about the abortion issue next to easy and criminal access for Latin illegals.  You could call this, "Let's turn the United States into a country as bad as where we came from."  You wonder why people left their former country to come here?  Willingness to vote on that one issue should make it clear.

The Democrats get those who watch late night talk and comedians who only tell jokes on Republicans, so they feel social pressure to go with the crowd of people.  They don't want to be a joke.  Almost everyone knows this is true.  Kids get mocked and bullied in the public school and so most know how to dress and act like the crowd requires to fit in.  There are gangs of roving metrosexuals and their girl and boyfriends, who, like, love Obama.  He's so like kewl.

If you think that Mitt Romney can persuade these above voters, then please look at the evidence that shows that blacks and Hispanics are hurting exponentially worse from the policies of the present administration, but still voting for Obama.  What can he say if people won't even vote for self-interest?  The only way Romney might be able to do better with Hispanics is if he were Hispanic, spoke half the time in Spanish, and went to the left of Obama on immigration by giving amnesty to every illegal in the country.  Would that be worth it to you?   Here in California, Geraldo Cafe' (Jerry Brown), won the governorship based on the issue of an illegal immigrant maid, who was hired by Meg Whitman unwittingly.  She fired the lady because she lied on her application with a false social security number.  If she hadn't fired the woman, Whitman would have lost for hiring an illegal immigrant, but since she fired her, she lost because she was mean to a Hispanic.  Who can win in a situation stacked like that? 

And then President Obama gets the female contraceptive vote, the pro-abortion vote, the food stamp vote, the free college grant vote, the teacher union vote,  the union vote period, the government worker vote, and the pot smoker vote.  Most Jewish Americans can't be persuaded for Romney --- 78% voted for Obama in 2008.  President Obama gets the green vote (if that doesn't go to the Green Party).  He gets the atheist vote (remember the Democrat party booing God at its convention).  This is all in addition to the dedicated Democrat, who was born into a Democrat family and is completely loyal based on that tradition.  To him, Republicans represent a form of evil.

So when Romney said 47%, he knew what he was talking about.  In the very worst conditions for a President, which are about like what we have right now for President Obama, Romney still only has a shot at best to picking up maximum 53-55% of the popular vote.  Why do you think the Democrats want Obamacare?  It represents another coalition of people dependent on government, that will move it from 47% to over 50% to seal the deal for all time.  If Obama wins, look how he won it.  He won it because he gave other people's money to the auto worker unions in Ohio and Michigan, two swing states.  He had every other state because of his coalition of special interests, and where he couldn't get those, he created another special interest, people who would be paid off, bribed by stimulus money.  These are not the sharpest tools in the drawer by the way, these single issue, selfish people (here's a sample of the people that might be continuing to run [down] the country).   Part of their brains have been deadened awhile ago, so that with their dropping IQ, they see Joe Biden's rise.  That is no guarantee that General Motors or Chrysler will keep afloat.  You would think that they still need to be able to sell cars, you know, automobiles that people want to buy, like other manufacturers have to do in what we thought was a free market.  But for a little while, as long as someone will keep redistributing wealth, he can cobble together enough with a motivation of greed in order to keep in power.

Would any Republican or conservative have a chance with the kind of mistakes that Obama has made?  Every little misstep or even just exaggerated non-misstep of Romney is highlighted and put on a loop for a week by the major networks, who are a mouthpiece of the Obama campaign.  But Obama is picked up on a hot microphone telling the Russian president that he just needs to get through this election and he can do what he wants in giving the Russians the concessions they need on missile defense.  The Obama administration sends out the U. S. ambassador to the United Nations six days after Benghazi to tell the country that it was only a demonstration that got out of hand over a youtube documentary.  It doesn't matter that known rapist and impeached President Bill Clinton has helped "save" the Obama campaign.  If Paul Ryan made only one or two of the gaffes that Joe Biden makes every two or three days?

What we see happening is the country we live in.  It's the effects of 40-50 years of exclusively evolution being taught in our public schools.  It's the effects of an attack on the Bible in American secular universities and now even Christian ones.  It's the effects of turning the church into a social club and crazy church growth methodology, leading to churches full of unconverted members.  It's the effects of hours and hours of television watching.   It's the effects of easy divorce and premarital sex and single parent families, where kids are growing up without supervision.  It's the effects of the churches almost completely abdicating on cultural issues.  We should be thankful that by the grace of God it isn't worse than it is.  It seems like it should be.  And then we've got people like Matt Olson, the president at Northland, the Christian university in Wisconsin, coming out last week and saying that things are better than ever with the young Christians that he is seeing.  He says they're more solid than the older people, because they don't care about the cultural issues, which do more to get in the way of evangelism.

Whatever happens tomorrow, we're going to get what we deserve.  It could be the date that we  all look back at as when the inmates began truly running the asylum.  There's no wonder that gun sales are going up at a very rapid pace.


Gary Webb said...

It will be interesting to see how the vote turns out. Chapel Hill & Carrboro are about 98% Democrat, but there are very, very few Obama signs out along the roads. Never seen such little support as there is right now.

d4v34x said...

You're absolutely right, Bro. B. God gives the leaders a people deserves. In our case, via our express choice.

I plainly declare I seek another country.