Friday, September 14, 2012

Updated Music Resources at the "Theological Compositions" website

I wanted to make you aware that here, in the "Ecclesiology" section of my website, I have relatively recently added a goodly number of valuable resources relating to godly worship and music.  These include:

1.) The Scottish and Genevan Psalters.  Do you prefer e-resources, or do you feel like you too poor to pay the $15 or so to purchase a psalter so you can obey the explicit command to sing "psalms" (Ephesians 5:19; James 5:13), and not just hymns alone?  You can now download two free, quite literal, historic psalters--with free audio files of the tunes, so any unfamiliar ones can be learned easily.   Obey God's command.  Start singing the psalms personally, in your family, and in your church, for the glory of God.  As part of our family devotions, we sing a psalm each day, singing the same psalm each day for a week (the psalms are very rich, so you will understand more of what you sing as you sing the same psalm a few times), and then going to the next psalm the next week.  In this way, we have sung through the entire psalter as a family.  The various PDF files of the 150 psalms in the Genevan psalter would also make great choir numbers.  Does your choir sing the inspired songs of God?  Hymns are wonderful, but the psalms are perfect--they are inspired!  I have also posted all the tunes to the Trinity Baptist hymnal, a hymnal that has at least parts of all 150 of the psalms in it, as well as a lot of rich, Biblical hymns.  It is the best hymnal I am aware of.

2.) Two e-videos by David Cloud exposing CCM.  They are worth watching, and they are free.

3.) A link to Music Education Ministries, which has tremendous DVD material on music, put together by the pastor of a Baptist church in Australia that, before his conversion, was an accomplished secular musician.  Do you want to know exactly what makes some music worldly, and other music acceptable, in its beat pattern, style, etc.?  What exactly are the features that make CCM sound different from every single hymn in a classic Baptist or Protestant hymnal? Learn the details with these DVD presentations.  The pastor is also an adjunct professor working with the music curriculum at the Sydney Baptist Bible College.

Are you excited that these works are all available free? Does it make you merry?  "Is any merry? Let him sing psalms" (James 5:13).  How can you do that?  Download a free psalter in the "Ecclesiology" section, right now, here.


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KJB1611 said...

Looking over my post, while the psalters and the Cloud videos are free, I thought I should clarify that the material from Music Education Ministries, while excellent and quite inexpensive, is not free.