Monday, August 20, 2012

Election 2012: Do Rich People Like Romney Really Pay Less Taxes?

In order to win the election, the Obama-Biden campaign is counting an even greater amount of stupidity than normal from the American population.  Part of the no-voter ID push of the democrat party is counting on people who are too stupid or lazy to get a free voter ID.   Those kind of people are very easy to fool, a necessity for the Obama-Biden campaign strategy, which is why they don't want that impediment.

How will Obama-Biden fool the gullible?  Many ways, but it's all about symbolism and style over substance.  They don't want people to think.   They are going for emotion and feeling, especially using envy, greed, anger, and lust.

This post will deal only with one particular stupid strategy.   Here's how it goes.  Romney is as rich as Midas with his car elevator and equestrian jumping horses.  Despite that, Romney doesn't pay as many taxes as you do.  And then he wants to raise your taxes even more for even greater tax breaks for him and other rich people.

This whole campaign diversion is a joke.  It should have people rolling on the floor with laughter, but it doesn't.  People believe it and it fuels their envy, greed, and anger.  Romney really does want to take their money away from them.  That's how he got it in the first place.  And he didn't even build his business.  The government did.

First, if Romney wasn't paying his taxes, the government would investigate and know.  After all, the IRS has already seen his tax forms.  If there was something illegal there, the IRS would see it.  The fact that we haven't heard about it means that there isn't anything.  So everything in the Romney taxes is legal, and if President Obama was against the tax law, he should have taken care of it himself during his four years as President.  The first two years of his presidency, he had both houses of congress.  Romney operated under the laws of the government led by Obama himself.  If Obama has anything to complain about, then he has only himself to blame that Romney took advantage of the Obama administration tax law.

The Obama-Biden campaign are again expecting stupidity, so much so that their voters can't see through this ruse.   They believe that Romney, like some kind of powerful svengali that has control over the whole American government to hide his money from paying taxes.  The truth is that he has simply followed American tax law.  If there was something wrong, he especially has their attention.  They would nail him.

Second, a big chunk of the people Obama-Biden is attempting to fool and succeeding are those who don't even pay taxes.  They aren't going to pay more taxes if Romney pays less.  They don't even get that.  Obama tells them that Romney causes their taxes to be high because he pays so little, and yet they don't pay any at all.  Over 40% of Americans pay nothing and actually receive benefits from the federal government, mainly in the form of earned income credit.  They don't know they aren't paying any taxes.  That's how stupid they are.  Obama-Biden knows this.

Third, and please get this.  Rich people do not pay a smaller percentage of taxes than poor and middle class people.  They pay way more taxes than the poor and middle class.  The top 10% of wage earners pay 90% of the taxes in the United States.  That seems like something simple for people to understand, but they don't get it.  They are paying enough taxes.  They are paying too much. The problem is that almost 50% of the people of the United States do not pay federal income tax at all.  That's what is unfair.  

People hear that Romney pays 13-14% of his income in taxes and then they hear that some secretary of Warren Buffet pays more than Buffet and Romney.  And they don't get it!   The very rich, the most wealthy pay  35% of their income in federal income taxes.  They do.   When Romney gets a paycheck on what he's earned, he pays 35%.  Romney doesn't get a paycheck anymore.  All that he earns is based on money he already has earned.  He takes money that has already been taxed at a very high rate and then he invests that money.  The money he receives from investments is called capital gains.  The stupid people don't know this.  Capital gains is taxed at a lesser rate than the money someone has earned through his own labor.  It is a form of double taxation.  He's already been taxed once on that money and he's getting taxed again when he makes money from investing it.

The capital gains tax is kept low to encourage investment.  When rich people invest their money it causes business to grow and produces more jobs.  More people have jobs because of those investments.  Many people know this.  The people that Obama-Biden target with their campaign don't understand this.  They could understand it if they weren't so stupid.  Obama and Biden want them to stay this way.  It helps them win elections, retain power.  It's not good for America, but it's good for them.

Obama-Biden say that Romney wants to pay even less taxes than he already does.  He would like to pay only 1% or not pay anything at all so that taxes can be raised on the middle class.  That's all a lie.  A big, ugly, divisive lie.  In order to cause job creation, Romney-Ryan talk about lowering capital gains tax for those earning below 250,000.  They should make it more than 250,000, but they already know that they'll be demagogued even more if they do.  So they present a less productive plan so as not to be the object of another big lie.  Obama-Biden say that they don't want to pay any taxes at all, so that you have to pay all of them.  What Romney-Ryan say is that they want to lower or eliminate capital gains taxes in order to encourage investment.  Other countries, that are even more socialist than we are, have a smaller capital gains tax. 

Why don't Romney and Ryan talk about this lie?  They do.  But the explanation for why Obama-Biden are lying is more difficult to follow than the lie itself.  The lie is kept simple for the stupid masses.  The exposure of the lie is hard for them to follow because you've got to use a term like "capital gains" and you immediately lose that audience.  Romney and Ryan know this, so they barely even try.  It's tough to watch.  It's not only that.  They also can't bring up the subject of taxes because it plays into the Obama-Biden campaign strategy.   They've got to keep it at something simple that stupid people can understand---jobs, jobs, jobs.  The only other message that might stick right now is that Obamacare took 716 billion from Medicare.  It probably won't help win, but it will keep the issue of Medicare at a draw between the two campaigns, instead of a straight loss for Romney-Ryan.

Obama-Biden would say that they want to have a better education for our children.  I don't believe it.  If kids were smarter, they would see through the Obama-Biden lies.  What Obama-Biden want is more money for the teachers union to buy their votes.  But that's another issue, isn't it?

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