Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nothing Is Weird Any More

Homosexuality isn't weird.  Purple hair isn't weird.  Women wearing their underwear in public isn't weird.  Trying to walk slow in front of cars isn't weird.  Pants hanging below the buttocks aren't weird.  Nose rings aren't weird.  Churches that bribe you to attend aren't weird.  Believing there's life on Mars isn't weird.  Mr. Mom isn't weird.  Killing unborn children isn't weird.  Unmarried couples shacking up isn't weird.  Guys who act like girls aren't weird.   Having contradictory opinions that are both true isn't weird.  Rock stars aren't weird.  Wanting the rich to pay a higher share of taxes isn't weird.  Soccer leagues that schedule games every Sunday aren't weird.  Undisciplined classrooms aren't weird.  Modern art isn't weird.  Saying that you love your self isn't weird.  Women in the infantry aren't weird.  Believing we got here by accident isn't weird.  Hair sticking out all over the place isn't weird.  Illegal immigration isn't weird.  Foul language isn't weird.  People posting close up pictures of their face all over their facebook aren't weird.  Playing NFL football and NBA basketball and MLB baseball during church isn't weird.  Having a dedicated Christian play football on Sunday and miss church isn't weird.  Not spanking disobedient children isn't weird.  Wearing stocking caps in the middle of the summer isn't weird.  Trillions of dollars of debt isn't weird.  Calling those against homosexuality homophobes isn't weird.  Chicago politics isn't weird.  Not practicing church discipline isn't weird.  Allegorizing Scripture isn't weird.  Believing there are errors in the Bible isn't weird.  Loving rap music isn't weird.   Not knowing how to speak in complete sentences isn't weird.  Pastors preaching in Mickey Mouse t-shirts aren't weird.  Churches called The Adventure aren't weird.   Wearing shorts to church isn't weird.  Referring to most men as "dude" isn't weird.   Guys hanging out with girls just as friends aren't weird.  Maxing out your credit card isn't weird.  Men as fashion designers aren't weird.  Divorce isn't weird.  Protesting over the loss of a government hand-out isn't weird.  A United States president having an affair with his female intern isn't weird, and then lying to everyone about it isn't weird.   Changing lanes without signalling isn't weird.  Buying an expensive car on credit isn't weird.  Jerry Brown isn't weird.  Barney Frank isn't weird.  Borrowing more and spending even more isn't weird.  Saying the Lord's name in vain isn't weird.

Nothing is weird any more.


Joshua said...

I don't know if this will encourage or discourage, but after reading about the Adventure Church, I googled it and found this statement in their statement of beliefs:

9) No Wierdness! No non biblical tangents. Real God. Real Word of God - no substitutes.

Not quite sure what to make of that!


d4v34x said...

I was out at the home improvement store the other day and thought, "Man, when did it become ok to wear underwear as outerwear??"

Yes, nothing is weird.

Ricci said...

But some people will think YOU are weird for pointing out that truth that nothing is weird anymore.

Kent Brandenburg said...

Nice comments.

No weirdness, Joshua, it's true, is a rule now.

Ricci, you're right, I'm weird though for pointing this out. That is also one of the rules on weirdness. Paul did say that he that plants and waters are nothing---this gives new meaning to "nothing is weird." I am nothing.

Joshua Roberts said...

A "weird" but true post. It may be in an odd format, but the truth of this post reminds me of the end of Romans 1.

JMR from MI

Kent Brandenburg said...

Thanks Michigan Joshua from the weird family.

Anonymous said...

Most of these items may not be considered "weird" any more, but they are definitely SIN!

Thank you for your "not weird" list. It's a reminder to how bad the world around us really is getting, and shows that we as believers are not doing our job loud enough or bold enough or striving hard enough. A challenge to push forward.

Joshua said...

Another one for the "not weird" list:

Rewriting the Bible like a screenplay. Think of it like Eugene Petersen crossed with Peter Jackson.